BOE has passed Apple validation to supply displays for iPhone 12

Chinese display maker BOE has long been trying to penetrate Apple’s OLED supply chain. However, the company has failed two checks to ensure that its products meet the Californian tech giant’s quality standards. However, fresh reports from China indicate that BOE has finally passed Apple certification and will begin shipping screens for the iPhone 12 soon.

It is said that shipments will begin this month. This is rather odd considering that BOE failed Apple’s review, which passed just a month ago. After that, it was said that the next check would take place only in the first half of 2021, however, apparently, something has changed, and the process had to be accelerated. Now, with the arrival of BOE, the number of Apple screen suppliers will grow to three companies. Prior to this, the matrices of the Californian company were supplied by Samsung and LG.

According to analysts’ forecasts, Samsung will ship 130 million OLED panels to Apple next year. The number of matrices purchased by Apple from BOE and LG will be 10 and 40 million, respectively. In September of this year, the vice president of BOE put forward an estimate that the OLED panel market will grow to $ 49.7 billion by 2024, and BOE will own 40 percent of it.

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