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Boston Dynamics Introduces Stretch Robot Loader for Handling Boxes in Warehouses

The Boston Dynamics company, which is famous for its developments in the field of robotics, presented its new project called Stretch. It is a robot designed to move goods in warehouses. Writes about this The Verge.

Boston dynamics

The idea of ​​creating an industrial robot emerged after the demonstration of the humanoid Atlas. “Among other things, we showed how he can carry boxes and this aroused great interest among warehouse owners. We thought we could create a simpler robot that can handle warehouse tasksKevin Blankespoor, vice president of product development at Boston Dynamics, told TechCrunch.

Unlike previous projects, the novelty is designed in the most practical style. The robot has a square platform with a set of wheels, a “perception mast” with cameras and sensors, and a huge robotic arm with a set of suction cups for carrying goods. The design allows you to move goods weighing up to 23 kilograms.

Michael Perry, vice president of Boston Dynamics, said the key benefit of this model is that it helps provide automation in places where there is no infrastructure. The robot can be placed in a truck, aisle, or next to conveyors. Perry clarified that this expands the list of potential clients. This is due to the fact that some avoid full production automation because it is too expensive.

The company representatives clarified that the Stretch’s speed is very limited due to the complex movement system. Its “arm” is attached directly to the body, which moves with it, and it was balanced thanks to a clever counterweight system hidden in its base. As a result, the maximum speed of the robot is 800 boxes per hour. The developers claim that this is comparable to the speed of a person.

The creators of Stretch stated that anyone who has been trained for several hours can control the robot. The launch of the first pilot samples to the market is scheduled for 2022.

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