Boston Dynamics showed on video what she can do

Boston Dynamics showed on video what she can do

The Boston Dynamics company has published on its YouTube channel a fresh video with a serial model of the Spot robot dog equipped with a manipulator arm. At the end of last year, the American robot developer went under the wing of the Hyundai Motor Group and promised to expand the capabilities of the robot next year, making it even more functional due to a special platform for installing a robotic arm.

In the video posted, the robot dog Spot performs various tasks: picks up dirty things and puts them in a basket, cleans the room, opens doors, switches the switch on the electrical panel, does gardening and even drags a large and heavy cinder block.

The movements of the robotic arm and machine body are automatically coordinated to simplify the tasks associated with the movement of certain objects and objects. The company notes that the list of available tasks for a machine equipped with such a manipulator is expanding significantly. The description for the video also says that the robot’s behavior in the video was programmed using a new API that allows executing commands both offline and under direct control of the robot owner. In the latter case, the robot is controlled remotely using a tablet.

The company is going to hold a full presentation of the new capabilities of the Spot robot dog tomorrow on its YouTube channel at 19:00 Moscow time.

Sales of $ 75,000 Spot robots began last summer. In October of that year, Boston Dynamics reported that it had sold 260 of these machines. Last January, one such robot was bought by the Russian Sberbank.

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