BQ 5530L INTENSE: a smartphone for travelers

BQ 5530L INTENSE: a smartphone for travelers

Sergey Gritsachuk

Every experienced traveler, when going on the road, is sure to take care of the three components of a successful hike: a stock of food, an optimal set of clothes and guaranteed working capacity
communication. The guarantee of the latter is often not infamous dustproof, shockproof and resistance to temperature changes (this is easy to achieve by packing electronics in a special
cover) and a sufficient electricity source. And in any form: relevant and spare elements, and alternative sources. But the most important thing, of course, is the capacity of the battery of the device, after all
it is not always possible to charge it in motion.

In terms of communication, of course, most often in its role is a smartphone, because this personal computer carries a lot of functions. Navigator and compass? No problem!
Guide guide? Easy! Sense? You can decide! Payment method? Please! Phone? Well, of course, plus a camera and camcorder. In short, a station wagon. And so, a seasoned tourist is a must
will worry about keeping his satellite as long as possible and choosing it will be smaller overall size, and the price is cheaper (preferably within 8000 rubles), because in the campaign each
happens. And often the rotting heart compromises: the NFC module donates, the battery chooses a modest, the processor is weak.

Apparently, the developers of the domestic company BQ this whole situation is well known, once they decided to release the BQ 5530L INTENSE.



Android 9

Screen, inches (resolution, dots)

5.45 (1440 × 720)


MediaTek MT6739WA





communication standards


wireless interfaces

Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi (n), NFC

expansion slots

micro SDXC



Camera, MP

8 (basic), 5 (front)

Battery, mAh year


Dimensions, mm


Weight, Mr


Please note, at a price of 7490 rubles, this smartphone has: NFC module (that is, to pay them, it is enough to register your payment card with Google Pay), Wi-Fi Dualband (free
will connect to any 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz hotspot by selecting the fastest connection) and a fingerprint scanner (for quick identification and reliable data protection). And also: module
GPS and GLONASS-enabled satellite navigation (pinpoint the location of the unit and owner), Bluetooth 4.2 (for connecting external devices, including
headsets), OTG compatibility (again for enhanced capabilities) and a pair of cameras: rear (8 megapixels for high-quality shooting) and front (5 megapixels for communication and selfies).


As they say, nothing is unnecessary, just everything you need. And even the screen for the sake of price did not sacrifice: frameless, 5.45 “diagonal, HD + resolution (1440 × 720), built on IPS matrix with large
viewing angles and high quality color rendering. Brightness and contrast are good not only in numbers – even in the sun the image is excellent. Internet access is possible through technology
4G / LTE, and communication using GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100 GHz.


RAM (RAM) is 3 GB, storage capacity is 32 GB, which is sufficient for most applications, applications and video content. In this case, the storage subsystem is easy
expand at the expense of SD card or external storage (remember OTG). Traditions for the sake of remembering that running it all is well proven MediaTek MT6739WA processor (1.25
GHz) and Android 9.0 OS.


Plus another very serious advantage: an eight-milli-ampere-hour battery provides the device with the ability to not only live for a long time without recharging, but also to fake for the most part
trust bank: by plugging your OTG cable with your phone, smartphone, headset, fitness bracelet, etc., you can feed them in a clean field. Especially if you have a couple of batteries in the reserve.


Of course, such a battery requires a serious charger – in the supplied adapter is a current of not less than 2A. It is a pity that the developers have not included in the package yet
a cradle that can simultaneously feed not only the BQ 5530L INTENSE itself, but also a couple of spare batteries to it. Moreover, the idea is not new and would not affect the price very much. However, it is possible that before
this will come.


And, of course, all these charms could not but affect the appearance of the smartphone: the thickness of a black plastic body with a special texture “brushed” (the creators proudly call it “brutal”)
is 16.5 mm, which prevents it from slipping out of hand.


With all of the above, we are confident that the BQ 5530L INTENSE has no equal in its price category and is suitable for all conditions of travel, whether it is cycling, hiking or
long-distance camping tour.

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capacitive battery
It is possible to use as an external battery
The presence of the NFC module

OTG case and cable are not included

7490 rubles

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