British Arrival, founded by a former Russian official, took up electric buses

British Arrival, founded by a former Russian official, took up electric buses

Arrival electric vans brought a lot of attention to this British start-up company, founded by former head of Yota and former deputy head of the Russian Communications Ministry Denis Sverdlov. Such large manufacturers as UPS and Hyundai invested in the company even before the release of cars on the road, but Arrival is not going to stop there.

The company said it was working on yet another promising form of electric vehicle: buses. Arrival shared its view on the EV bus, which aims to help the company become a major manufacturer of electric vehicles.

At first glance, the Arrival electric bus is no different from any other. This is a large box with rounded corners on wheels, with large windows and lots of seating. But according to Kwame Nyanning, Director of Arrival Interaction, there are many modern and well-thought-out ideas that are embedded in almost all of its aspects.

First of all, there are many screens in the electric bus: the upper ones are used for improved navigation: for example, which doors are best suited for boarding, information about upcoming stops, and so on. It is easy to imagine that they can be used for more dynamic advertising than is possible today on most buses.

The Arrival Bus also has a display panel behind the driver that shows additional route information. A touchpad, very similar to that used in the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, is located on the side of the driver. Like Tesla, this screen replaces the many standard buttons that can usually be found in the front of the bus. Coin and card receivers replaced by touch sensors.

Also, electric buses are created with an eye to advanced communication, which will not only allow real-time transmission of more accurate and relevant information to passengers, but also aims to help the operator in managing the fleet of such machines. Buses will continuously inform the center of various parameters that help in planning, demand tracking, schedule adjustments, and so on. “I think many other manufacturers just make buses. They do not make a system. It seems to me that sets us apart from others, “ – considers Mr. Nyanning.

Arrival also designed its bus to give it easily customizable seat configurations. Overhead light is distributed over the entire roof plane, a “soothing sound landscape” will be created in the cabin, and the interior is designed to make cleaning the bus as easy as possible. At the heart of all this is an all-electric platform. The company has not yet shared the specifications, but is already testing real prototypes and is negotiating with partners regarding deployment.

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