Budget Xbox Series S is still in the plans of Microsoft

Budget Xbox Series S is still in the plans of Microsoft

There have been rumors about the Xbox Lockhart budget console (aka Xbox Series S) since 2018, but Microsoft has not yet announced the system. Editor Windows central Jez Corden (Jez Corden) in the podcast The Xbox Two said he would be very surprised if it was canceled, because recently I talked with developers who still consider the device when creating games.

Corden recalled how Microsoft canceled the Surface Mini when it was ready to be officially unveiled – so plans could change at the last minute. However, if this does not happen, the Xbox Series S will be announced only after deciding on its cost, the journalist believes. Considering that this console will not be as powerful as the Xbox Series X, it will be strange to present the system without its main feature – price.

A few months ago, there were reports that Microsoft had stopped working on a low-cost console to focus only on the Xbox Series X. But later reports said that work was resumed. In January, news appeared on the Web about the unknown AMD APU, and it has been suggested that it might belong to the Xbox Series S.

In the meantime, only the Xbox Series X has been officially announced, which will be released in the pre-holiday period of 2020.

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