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By the end of the decade, Europe plans to produce up to 20% of the world’s leading chips

Since last year, European countries have been trying to work out a general program for the development of the semiconductor industry, which would make it possible to organize the production of 2nm products in the region. The updated plans imply an increase in the share of European products to 20% in the segment of advanced lithography by 2030 in value terms.

Image source: TSMC

Image source: TSMC

The development of a new policy document was announced this week by Bloomberg. It is planned to consider it by the European Commission next week, but the main provisions of the program may still be changed. The local authorities considered the organization of the production of advanced semiconductor components in Europe earlier, now the scope of this production is being set – in value terms, they should amount to at least 20% of the world by 2030, if we talk about advanced lithographic technologies with norms below 5 nm.

The establishment of technological sovereignty will be achieved by reducing the degree of Europe’s dependence on other regions in critical areas, as stated in the preliminary version of the document. It received the provisional name “digital compass”, and describes the program for the development of the region in several directions. By the end of the decade, Europe plans to have at least 10,000 carbon footprint data centers operational, and to provide fifth-generation connectivity to all populated areas. By 2025, Europe expects to launch its quantum supercomputer. The number of young companies with a capitalization of more than $ 1 billion is planned to double by the end of the decade. Additional funds will be allocated for their development.

The development program provides for monitoring the intermediate stages of implementation, a detailed forecast of progress will be published annually. To adopt the program, it must be approved not only by all members of the European Union, but also by the regional parliament. Back in October last year, there were calls to develop such a plan by March this year, so so far the initiative is being implemented in accordance with the planned schedule.

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