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ByteDance vows to challenge Donald Trump’s actions against TikTok in court

TikTok has officially announced that it plans to sue the Trump administration over a presidential decree banning interactions with the popular video-sharing app and its Chinese parent company, ByteDance.

Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg / Getty Images

According to a presidential decree dated August 6, any interactions with ByteDance made by persons from the United States or subject to US jurisdiction will be prohibited for 45 days. The full scope of the ban is unclear as it gives the Secretary of Commerce the authority to identify these transactions in accordance with a presidential decree.

In a separate order dated August 14, ByteDance was given 90 days to stop operating TikTok in the US. ByteDance is in talks with potential buyers such as Microsoft and Oracle. “Despite the fact that we strongly disagree with the fears of the administration, for almost a year we have tried in good faith to find a constructive solution, – A spokesman for TikTok told CNBC. – Instead, we faced a lack of due process as the administration ignored the facts and tried to interfere with negotiations between private companies. ”

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The social network TikTok is popular among teenagers and is known for its short videos of dancing and jokes, many of which go viral. US officials have expressed concern that user information may be leaked to the Chinese communist government. The Trump administration is working towards removing Chinese apps from US online networks.

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