ByteDance Warns US TikTok Algorithm Not For Sale

While the decisive day set by US President Donald Trump as the deadline for the sale of the TikTok video service is a matter of days, there is still a lack of clarity. However, as with the terms of a future deal (if, of course, it takes place).


According to a source in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, TikTok-based ByteDance in Beijing has no intention of selling or transferring the algorithm behind the popular video-sharing app in any sale or divestment. At least that’s what they decided during a discussion on the board of directors of a Chinese company: “You can sell a car, but not an engine“.

Company [ByteDance] will not share the source code with any US buyer, but TikTok’s US technology team may develop a new algorithm“, – said an informant to the South China Morning Post. According to him, ByteDance notified the US authorities and potential bidders of its decision.

If the President of the United States rejects this condition, then the sale of TikTok will be disrupted and the video service will become unavailable to American users after the set deadline for the sale of September 15th.

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