Canadian company Delson Aeronautics has developed very quiet drone propellers

Canadian company Delson Aeronautics has developed very quiet drone propellers

Drones are sometimes indispensable for video filming and other tasks, but sometimes they are too noisy and create perceptible inconveniences. This problem can become especially acute with the development of unmanned delivery services in cities. It’s not for nothing that DJI and other companies have been paying more and more attention to reducing the noise of their drones lately, but it’s still far from ideal. However, one Canadian company has a proposal.

Drone delivery is a good idea. Who doesn’t love a way to deliver groceries by air literally within minutes of ordering? But the noise of modern quadrocopters is one of the key factors preventing the deployment of such services. The screeching of propellers can be quite annoying, as evidenced by complaints from people in areas where such test delivery services have been used.

Canada’s Delson Aeronautics is trying to solve this problem so that the UAVs float in the air with almost no annoying hum. It has developed a series of super-quiet engines with high thrust – patent pending. Drones with such systems may not be completely silent, but there is no doubt that Delson Aeronautics founder Michael Deloyer has achieved impressive success with his team in producing quieter propellers. The company has published a special video that allows you to appreciate the fundamental difference:

The result is really curious. DroneDJ reporters contacted Deloyer for details on the product and plans. He noted that the company is currently at the stage of a functioning prototype and is looking for investors and partners for the production of engines. The fact is that Delson achieved the result not only with the help of a special design of the propellers, but also due to a change in the design of electric motors working with them in pair. Delson plans to start production with blades ranging from 15 to 28 inches.

According to the company’s forecasts, by 2025 more than 2.2 million drones for delivery services will be produced worldwide, of which 274 thousand will use multiple engines and operate in cities in the United States and Europe. It is in the drone delivery sector that the company is now targeting. She also counts on the interest of the military and filmmakers.

So far, according to Deloyer, their quiet propellers reduce the efficiency of drones by 4-8%, but soon the company is going to reduce or even neutralize the lag with the help of improved propeller design.

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