Capcom spoke about bonuses for passing the demo Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom spoke about bonuses for passing the demo Monster Hunter Rise

Siliconera reporters drew attention to the rewards that eligible Monster Hunter Rise demo rewards are awarded when purchasing the full version of the upcoming action RPG.

Capcom’s official website states that users who have passed the trial edition at the launch of Monster Hunter Rise are eligible for a set of in-game items.

Capcom clarifies that the bonuses listed below can be obtained only if the demo is kept in the system memory until the release of Monster Hunter Rise. If you delete files earlier, there will be no reward.

The set includes five wolf pits (trap), demonic potions (increases attack) and mega-armored skins (increases defense), ten tonics (increases stamina) and as many as 20 units of megasel (restores health).

Recall that the demo Monster Hunter Rise offers two tutorials (basic and riding a wyvern) and two full-fledged quests, which can be completed alone or in co-op, for beginners and experts.

The trial edition of Monster Hunter Rise will only be available until February 1 of this year. Apparently, because of this, the launch of the trial version was accompanied by an unbearable load on the Nintendo eShop digital store.

Monster Hunter Rise is expected to be released on March 26 this year exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Previously, the developers showed off a character editor, as well as options for interacting with palikos and palamutes.

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