Capcom still has problems with Resident Evil Village on PlayStation 5

Capcom still has problems with Resident Evil Village on PlayStation 5

Insider Dusk Golem once again shared information regarding the development of Resident Evil Village. This time, he touched upon the technical problems of the PlayStation 5 version that the Capcom team faced.

In a separate thread, Dusk Golem revealed that Resident Evil Village was originally conceived as an offshoot in the series, but was then repurposed as an eighth installment following overwhelmingly positive feedback from internal and external test teams. The game was planned to be released in January 2021 on PC and consoles of both generations.

Game officially announced for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S with release date “2021”According to an insiderResident Evil Village is technically playable on current-generation consoles, and test group demos were often held on the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, the new systems provided faster loading times, which Capcom was delighted with, so the company ditched the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

On the new consoles, Capcom has been able to improve shadows and character models. In particular, the team returned to the idea of ​​distorting reality and the mechanics of hallucinations – the systems of the current generation could not ensure their correct implementation. But Dusk Golem added that the PlayStation 5 version of Resident Evil Village is causing Capcom a lot of problems, unlike the PC and Xbox Series X variants. generations to increase sales. Capcom even polled a test group about this.

Dusk Golem previously announced that Resident Evil Village on PlayStation 5 cannot run in 4K.

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