CD Projekt Red in Poland preparing class action lawsuit over Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red in Poland preparing class action lawsuit over Cyberpunk 2077

The New York Times has published a lot of material about the problems with the development and release of Cyberpunk 2077. Among other already known difficulties with overloading employees, transfers and a lot of problems at launch (especially in versions for basic consoles), the possibility of a collision of CD Projekt Red with a large class action lawsuit is mentioned …

Journalists write: “The near future looks bleak for creators Cyberpunk 2077 – perhaps even darker than the future they built in Night City. Refund requests go in the thousands. According to the documents, lawyers and investors in Warsaw are considering the possibility of filing a class action lawsuit against the studio for criminal “misleading with the aim of obtaining financial gain”. Many buyers are delaying playing Cyberpunk 2077 until the company fixes all problems. “

And here is this aforementioned entry, in which the Warsaw attorney and investor of CDPR Mykolaj Ozhekhovsky writes about the preparation of his own claim, offering other victims to join it:

“Due to recent events – and, in particular, with the suspension of sales of Cyberpunk 2077, we are currently considering, together with a team of lawyers, the grounds for filing a class action, together with a notice of the possibility of committing an offense under Article 286 of the Criminal Code – Misrepresentation for Financial Benefit. If you are interested in participating in the aforementioned lawsuit, please contact me at It’s completely free: I want to understand whether to take the indicated actions myself or if there are other people in a situation similar to mine. We are also preparing material, together with one of the Internet portals, on the rights of investors in the case of such an egregious, inconsistent with the facts, the attitude of the board. “

The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 was full of controversy and bugs: the first update was presented last week and fixed some issues. Now CD Projekt Red has released update 1.05. Cyberpunk 2077 is currently available on PC, Xbox One and Google Stadia. Retail PS4 versions are still on sale, but Sony has temporarily removed the game from the PS Store. Microsoft Official Store has a warning about performance issues. Due to the abundance of technical problems, buyers of Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4 and Xbox One (this also applies to retail) have recently been entitled to demand a full refund.

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