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China successfully launches Changzheng-7A missile – first since last year’s accident

According to Chinese media, the Changzheng 7A (CZ-7A or Long March 7A) launch vehicle was successfully launched from the Wenchang Cosmodrome this morning. The rocket launched the Shiyan-9 satellite into geostationary orbit, which indicates the continued operation of this type of launch vehicle after the accident in March last year.

Today's launch of the PH Image Source: Xinhua

Today’s launch of the Changzheng-7A LV. Image source: Xinhua

The Changzheng-7A launch vehicle is a modification of the Changzheng-7 rocket that China is using to send cargo into space, including in a series of four future cargo delivery missions to create the Tiangong-1 orbital station. The cargo Changzheng-7 will be able to deliver 13.5 tons of equipment into orbit, and the 60-meter three-stage Changzheng-7A can deliver from 5.5 to 7 tons to the geostationary orbit.

On Changzheng-7A, Chinese rocket scientists have worked out 96 key technologies and made 12 technological breakthroughs. But on March 17, 2020, Changzheng-7A was unable to launch China’s military satellite into space. After the separation of the first stage, a failure occurred in the engine operation system, and the satellite was lost. The designers took into account the mistakes and today confirmed the reliability of the Changzheng-7A.

The Changzheng 7A launch vehicle will play an important role in China’s future space launches. It is expected that every year until 2025, there will be three to five launches of Changzheng-7A. The rocket will be used to launch spacecraft into high geostationary orbits.

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