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Chinese giant Inspur loses shipments of Intel processors for just two days

At the end of June, American authorities expanded the list of Chinese companies that are suspected of being directly influenced by the power structures of the PRC. The third largest server manufacturer in the world, Inspur, is on this list. Intel first announced the suspension of shipments of Inspur processors, but was able to resume them after a couple of days.

Image Source: Inspur Systems

Image Source: Inspur Systems

Export control rules imply that foreign trade participants receive special licenses to cooperate with companies from countries for which sanctions have been imposed. The list of twenty unreliable Chinese companies, released at the end of June, was specifically mentioned by Inspur. According to preliminary estimates, Intel could take at least two weeks to get the appropriate permissions, but Caixin, citing sources in Inspur, said that it took only two days to resume processor shipments.

American sources told Caixin that the appearance of Inspur in the list of twenty Chinese companies with which the US authorities do not recommend cooperating did not in itself entail a momentary introduction of restrictions. This list, in their opinion, is more for reference only. An anonymous Intel representative explained that he did not know anything about disruptions in the supply of processors to other Chinese companies on this list. A small interruption in the supply of Intel processors to the Chinese company Inspur will not be able to seriously affect the business of both parties.

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