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Chinese payment services will be next target of Trump sanctions

According to online sources, the administration of US President Donald Trump (Donald Trump) is considering imposing restrictions on Chinese fintech companies Ant Group and Tencent. The reason for this is the fear of the US authorities that Chinese digital payment platforms could threaten US national security.

Image: Bloomberg

Image: Bloomberg

The source says the US authorities are concerned that Ant Group and other Chinese fintech platforms could dominate the global digital payments market. This is supposed to enable China to gain access to the banking and personal data of hundreds of millions of people. The issue was reportedly raised at a meeting of senior officials at the White House on September 30.

No final decision was made on this issue, as officials seek to find a legally sound approach. There is also no indication that the idea of ​​imposing any restrictions on the mentioned Chinese companies was brought to the attention of the American president, whose approval would be necessary. The source notes that Donald Trump fell ill with coronavirus the day after the meeting at which the issue was discussed, so this topic has not yet been continued.

The Ant Group said in a statement that the company is unaware of any possible restrictions from the US government. Representatives of Tencent, the press service of the White House, the Treasury and the US State Department declined to comment on the matter.

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