Chinese probe "Tianwen 1" took the first picture of Mars

Chinese probe “Tianwen 1” took the first picture of Mars

In recent years, China has made significant progress in space exploration through a number of missions. As part of one of these missions, the Tianwen 1 probe recently transmitted the first image of Mars to Earth, which was taken from a distance of about 2.2 million km.

Of course, this image is far from the most detailed, but for China, getting it is an achievement that once again shows the capabilities of the Celestial Empire. In addition, the Tianwen 1 mission does not end with the creation of images of the Red Planet. According to the flight plan, the device is to enter Mars orbit on February 10, and in May this year, it is planned to land a descent vehicle with a rover on board, which is designed to conduct various kinds of research activities.

Recall that the launch of the Tianwen-1 probe took place in July last year. The device itself is formed from a landing platform with a rover and an orbiting satellite, which will be used in the process of exploring the planet’s ionosphere, as well as to create a map of Mars and search for deposits of water ice. In addition, the orbiter will act as a repeater for the rover, which will study the surface layer of Mars and the planet’s climate.

It should be noted that the Celestial Empire intends to implement many more ambitious projects related to the exploration of outer space. As part of one of these projects, it is planned to begin construction of an orbiting lunar station in 2022.

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