Chinese smartphone maker withdrew patent infringement lawsuit against Xiaomi

Chinese smartphone maker withdrew patent infringement lawsuit against Xiaomi

According to Chinese media, smartphone maker Coolpad Group has voluntarily terminated all patent infringement lawsuits against Xiaomi. The legal proceedings were initiated in May 2018 and have continued to date. In its statement, Coolpad originally explained the motives behind the end of the harassment of Xiaomi, in particular, “Complex and profound changes within the country and abroad”

Coolpad’s voluntary withdrawal of its patent lawsuit against Xiaomi is effective immediately. The company said it will intensify research and exploration of advanced technologies and possible application scenarios in the future to enhance its own capabilities and contribute to the development of the industry. Coolpad said in a statement that its further priority is “Overcoming technological bottlenecks and promoting better and faster development of the industry”

Moreover, Coolpad is ready for any form of technical exchange and cooperation with “Outstanding enterprises inside and outside the industry”, meaning not only Xiaomi, but also other Chinese companies. But in doing so, it is important to promote technological independence based on respect for technological innovation and intellectual property rights.

It looks like someone or something has made clear to Coolpad that this is not the time to go into patent litigation. There is a force in China that can do this. And this can play a decisive role in the further development of the country.

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