Cisco Webex is mastering artificial intelligence

Cisco Webex is mastering artificial intelligence

Oleg Marsavin

According to research, there are now up to 25 million meeting rooms in the world, with their number increasing daily. At the same time, 78% of respondents are not satisfied with the available equipment
65% said more than half of them needed video conferencing equipment. Cisco notes that 300 million people use its collaboration tools.
The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Webex Meeting enables new functionality to be provided to these users.

About six months after the acquisition of Voicea, Voicea’s Enterprise Voice Assistant (EVA) recognition technology was integrated into the Webex Meetings video conferencing platform
Cisco. New features include automatic recording and transcript of conversations, which Cisco says will eliminate the need for detailed recording during meetings.
Transcripts are now searchable, so team members who have missed meetings can quickly find key topics of discussion without listening to the entire video.


Back in 2017, after acquiring MindMeld for $ 125 million Talk AI startup, Cisco added the Webex Rooms meeting room solution to AI talking functionality. New version
Webex Assistant for Meetings understands voice commands to perform transcription tasks, protocols, and summarizing. Conference participants can focus on
discussing the topic without being distracted by the recording and in parallel highlight important points in the course of the meeting. You can now search all recorded appointments, and the assistant will record the items that
you must complete and prepare a summary report.

“Communications remain an important part of today’s business. Communication channels are growing and users have different preferences. Cisco today provides a single platform,
which provides an intergenerational bridge, allowing people to communicate in a way that is closer to them, while remaining in the same information environment, ”says Sri Srinivasan (Sri
Srinivasan), Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cisco Collaboration Group.

At the annual Cisco Live conference in Barcelona, ​​it was announced that Webex Assistant for Webex Rooms will be able to communicate with users in Spanish in the near future
language. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world; it was one of the first languages ​​customers requested to teach Webex Assistant. Users will soon be able to communicate with the devices
Webex Room in English or Spanish, with Webex Assistant responding in the language in which it was addressed. Now, as representatives of Cisco assure, Webex is ready to learn and others

The new version of the voice assistant, including the transcription service, does not yet have a price tag, but will start testing in March.

Cisco is one of the leaders in cybersecurity, so security and privacy of customer data
companies in a special place. Webex uses end-to-end encryption and a multi-level security system. Also, according to Aruna Ravichandran (Aruna
Ravichandran), Cisco Collaboration’s Head of Marketing, “all Cisco video and audio devices receive continuous updates from the cloud. So they are constantly at
up to date. Gathering up-to-date analytics allows customers to access device and conference room usage statistics, as well as manage automatically
availability of meeting rooms when canceling or postponing meetings. ”

Cisco has also updated its portfolio of contact center tools, including Voice’s integration with Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI (CCAI). It gives customer support
transcripts of calls and a summary of actions. Then, call highlights are automatically synchronized with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, making it easy
cope with past support issues.

The introduction of the Webex Experience Management tool based on the acquisition of CloudCherry was also announced. This tool provides deeper analysis and understanding
the client experience and the mood of the agents on the call.

Other announcements at the Cisco Live Europe event in Barcelona include the new Webex Room USB Video Device, which allows access to Webex in small businesses. new video device
The entry-level Cisco Webex Room USB offers high quality and security in compact video devices for meeting rooms and small office spaces.
The comfortable use, ease of installation and operation of this device may be of interest to small organizations that are just beginning to enter the world of video conferencing, but
want to get a business-class solution that does not cause additional problems and costs.

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