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Clubhouse expects to receive new investments that will raise its value to $ 4 billion

Social network Clubhouse is negotiating a new round of investments. The amount has not yet been announced, but, presumably, if funds are received, the market value of the company could rise to $ 4 billion. Bloomberg writes about this with reference to sources familiar with the situation.

Raphael Henrique, Global Look Press

Raphael Henrique, Global Look Press

Thus, the company’s value will quadruple compared to January 2021. What investors are willing to invest has not yet been announced. Sources clarified that the negotiations are private, noting that conditions may still change. A Clubhouse spokeswoman did not have time to respond to a Bloomberg inquiry at the time the news was published.

The social network Clubhouse is based on voice communication. It was created by former Google employees Rohan Seth and Paul Davison. Users can create channels, hold conferences and listen to various broadcasts on the platform. So far, the service is only available on iOS, but the company said it is developing an Android version of Clubhouse.

Many social networks have announced similar features on their platforms. Among them are Twitter, Facebook. Telegram messenger has already received a similar function. LinkedIn (owned by Microsoft) and Slack have said they are also working on similar options.

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