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Cobalt-free batteries will dominate EVs despite their drawbacks

Tesla, which is actively investing in improving traction batteries, sees nothing shameful in using more affordable LFP batteries for Chinese-made electric vehicles. Their supplier, CATL, generally believes that lithium iron phosphate batteries will begin to dominate the global market as early as 2021.

Image source: EVlithium

Image source: EVlithium

This forecast of the Chinese company is mentioned on the pages of the popular resource DigiTimes. Most of the Tesla electric vehicles produced in China are equipped with LFP batteries. According to Elon Musk, an electric car based on them provides a comparable range with an analogue based on batteries with a cobalt content, but is cheaper to manufacture. They are also more reliable in operation, if you do not consider the situation with work in cold climates, since in cold weather the LFP battery loses its charge more and faster than a battery based on cells containing cobalt. The storage density of the charge in LFP batteries is also lower, but manufacturers compensate for this by increasing the number of cells used.

As noted by the Taiwanese source, the active use of LFP batteries is now inherent in the large Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles BYD, Wuling Hongguang is interested in them for its compact model. Roewe, Xiaopeng Motors Technology, Chang’an Automobile, JAC Volkswagen Automotive and Dongfeng Motor should follow suit. If in 2019 the share of LFP batteries in the production program of Chinese companies accounted for no more than 30%, then next year it should exceed 50%.

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