Collaboration software market is expected to grow rapidly

Collaboration software market is expected to grow rapidly

Gartner has published an outlook for the global software market for social interaction and collaboration: the industry will continue to grow rapidly for the foreseeable future.

Analysts note that the pandemic has generated strong demand for teleworking tools, distance learning and the interaction of self-isolating employees. Despite the fact that many workers have already returned to the offices, the overall IT landscape will not be the same.

According to estimates, last year the volume of the global market for social software and collaboration tools amounted to $ 3.8 billion in monetary terms. Growth in relation to the previous year was at the level of 8.7%.

This year, experts believe, costs in the designated area will reach $ 4.5 billion. This will correspond to an impressive 17.1% growth compared to 2020.

The market expects further development next year. Growth is expected to be about 14.0%, and the final result is $ 5.1 billion.

Experts say that the expansion of the industry will be greatly facilitated by the integration of social functions into enterprise-class platforms and services.

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