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Communication satellite “Express-80” was damaged – operability is questionable

There is a possibility that the Russian telecommunications satellite Express-80 will not work properly. The reason is the damage that the spacecraft received during launch.

Roscosmos images

Roscosmos images

Let us remind you that the Express-80 satellite and the related vehicle Express-103 were launched on July 31 this year from the Baikonur cosmodrome using the Proton-M launch vehicle with the Briz-M upper stage. The re-launch is carried out using an installation based on two SPD-100V electric jet engines installed on the spacecraft themselves. The re-launch is combined with bringing the satellites to the operating point, which makes it possible to reduce the time of their commissioning into regular operation. The term for additional deployment of Express-80 is no more than 152 days, and Express-103 – no more than 160 days.

As is now reported, “Express-80” may have been damaged during launch. The efficiency of the device remains in question – the consequences of the accident will become clear after the satellite reaches the working position.

The Express-80 satellite, when brought to its operating point, suffered damage to the onboard systems, presumably due to the ingress of space debris“, – quotes” RIA Novosti “the words of informed persons.

It is specified that the propulsion system of the apparatus was not damaged, but functional units may be affected.

We add that the Express-80 and Express-103 devices are designed to provide fixed and mobile services, digital TV and radio broadcasting, high-speed Internet access, as well as data transmission in Russia and the CIS countries.

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