confidential departments will appear on Fab 8

confidential departments will appear on Fab 8

With the advent of US President Donald Trump, significant changes have begun in high-tech areas. Over the past 30 years, the United States and other developed countries have invested financially and technologically in countries in Southeast Asia and, in particular, in China. This has weakened the productive capacity of the United States and its allies, which is trying to fix Trump’s policies. You have to adapt to this: for example, GlobalFoundries introduces a more stringent regime in its production.

GlobalFoundries has announced that it will introduce enhanced export control security at Fab 8 in New York. In particular, later this year, the plant will begin to comply with the rules that comply with such US regulatory documents as ITAR (International Arms Trade Rules) and EAR (Export Administration Rules).

These events will guarantee GlobalFoundries customers confidentiality at all stages of chip production from design to implementation and maintenance. Previously, only the former IBM factories, which in 2015 were transferred to the GlobalFoundries balance sheet, could provide the necessary level of secrecy.

“By taking this important step, GlobalFoundries is deepening its partnership with the US Department of Defense and supporting the further development of new confidence-building approaches in support of national security goals.”.

On the one hand, this is a necessary measure, as the current US authorities tighten control over the export of technology outside the country. On the other hand, GlobalFoundries took this step in light of the potential intensification of competition with TSMC, which is planning to build the latest semiconductor plant in the United States. This is also an application for defense orders. But with Chinese customers have to say goodbye. For example, stop producing Hygon Dhyana processors, which are AMD EPYC clones. But that’s another story.

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