Cooler Master introduced the case for the Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computer

Cooler Master introduced the case for the Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computer

The well-known manufacturer of computer cases, as well as air and liquid cooling systems, the company Cooler Master, decided to discover a new direction. Following the no less famous manufacturer SilverStone, she introduced her first compact case for a single-board computer Raspberry Pi 4.

In the market for cases for such single-board computers, there are many offers from lesser-known manufacturers. But it seems that now large brands are also interested in this direction.

Unlike SilverStone, which independently released its product for sale, Cooler Master decided to choose an unusual marketing approach. To support the release of its new product called Pi Case 40, the company intends to launch a crowdfunding program on the Kickstarter site. If you sign up for it in advance, Cooler Master is ready to offer a discount on a new building in the amount of 25% of its yet unnamed cost.

The passively cooled Pi Case 40 is made of aluminum, which will remove excess heat from the system. The Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computer is able to automatically lower the processor clock speeds if its temperature rises above 80 degrees Celsius. Such a situation is unlikely during the normal use of a miniature computer, but it can be provoked, for example, by overclocking the chip. Therefore, additional cooling here will come in handy.

Cooler master indicates that the Pi Case 40 is designed to ensure that all openings in it exactly match the connectors located on the Raspberry Pi 4 computer itself. Also on one side of the case there is a lid-accessible access to the GPIO pin group.

One of the features of the Pi Case 40 case is the reassignable button to turn on and off the computer. In addition, the manufacturer claims the VESA mount. Dimensions Pi Case 40 are 96 × 68 × 28 mm.

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