CRM will receive language analysis from Mango Office

CRM will receive language analysis from Mango Office

CRM systems will automatically retrieve voice analytics data from MANGO OFFICE telephony and supplement them with customer and transaction information. Yes, marketers and sales executives will appear
new opportunities for assessing consumer behavior, demand, quality of advertising activities, competitive environment, etc.

Virtual PBX with voice analytics service activated recognizes and processes the machine method of recording telephone conversations. The resulting information is then passed to CRM, which in its own right
queue, uses them to build their own reports.

As explained in the company, with the help of language analytics you can check the effectiveness of the use of promotional code. It will detect all calls from potential customers where the call has been coded
word, and puts the appropriate tags in CRM. The marketer will then be able to calculate the number of hits and track each one before purchasing or abandoning it.

Integration also addresses more complex tasks. For example, you can monitor the performance of additional or cross-sales by analyzing the telephone conversations that have fixed
or, conversely, no attempt by the manager to offer the customer a wider range of products or services than originally ordered. On the other hand, it can also protect the seller,
showing that he had done his job in good faith, but the offer was uncompetitive.

Based on the data that language analytics enriches with information in CRM, you can create dozens of different reports that make it easy to find development areas from one aspect to another
offers, in dealing with clients, staff control.

The MANGO OFFICE platform has already expanded the integration package. In the first phase, new features are available for amoCRM and Bitrix24, as well as when connecting any other business application
from the open MANGO OFFICE API. Inventory of language analytics “Mango Telecom” presented for virtual PBX last summer. The system allows to handle the contents of the telephone
negotiating, using keywords and specific phrases.

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