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Cyberpunk 2077 – When Was The Expectation … Worth It? Review / Games

Genre Shooter, role-playing game
Publisher CD Projekt RED
Publisher in Russia “SoftKlab”
Developer CD Projekt RED
Minimum Requirements Intel Core i5-3570 3.8 GHz / AMD FX-8310 3.4 GHz processor, 8 GB RAM, DirectX 10 graphics card and 3 GB memory, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 / AMD Radeon RX 470, 70 GB hard disk space , Steam, GOG or Epic Games Store account, SSD installation recommended
Recommended Requirements Intel Core i7-4790 4.0 GHz / AMD Ryzen 5 3600 4.2 GHz, 16 GB RAM, DirectX 12 graphics card and 8 GB memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 / AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT, SSD
release date December 3, 2020 (PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One)
Age qualification From 18 years old
Platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S
Official site

Played on PC

It’s not for me to tell you how expected Cyberpunk 2077 was. I don’t think that starting development (and it started long before the release of The Witcher 3), CD Projekt RED could imagine how status the project would turn out to be. And I even doubt the studio wanted that much attention. Not a single example comes to my mind when the game was under such pressure: Half-Life 2, Diablo 3, Uncharted 4 and other high-profile releases of their years did not appear under the microscope of public interest as much as happened with Cyberpunk 2077 (partly due to the efforts of studio that has invested a lot of money in an advertising campaign).

Let’s not argue how a creation based on a new intellectual property for video games and based on not the most popular tabletop RPG managed to become the most anticipated project of the decade. This topic is still waiting for its inquisitive researcher. In the meantime, let’s try to make out the work itself behind all this tinsel of excitement.

City of hope, city of vice

City of hope, city of vice

⇡ # Parallel paths

As I mentioned in my first impressions, the game allows you to choose one of three backstories for the main character V: a corporation, a street bully, or a desert nomad. One way or another, fate brings the hero to Jackie Wells – a charismatic Latinos who dreams of fame. V himself does not want to vegetate in obscurity, and the duo embarks on a career as a mercenary.

Night City is a dangerous place, but it favors the audacious and fearless and the work pays off. A cool fixer comes out on the heroes – an intermediary between the customer and the performer – and offers to take on the largest order in their life. One that will bring a couple of desperate guys to the top at once. You must grab your luck by the tail!

The story begins slowly, even visibly. Cyberpunk 2077 immerses the player in its own atmosphere, invites to savor it, along the way acquainting with the rules of the world. So that you don’t get scared by the piled up activities and do not drive off into the sunset to carry out side assignments, the first act is limited to one area of ​​Night City. You stroll between skyscrapers that disappear into the clouds, munching noodles on your way to the ripper – a local craftsman at flesh splicing with cybernetic enhancements – renewing chrome (as implants are called). The cyberpunk atmosphere oozes from the screen. Cyberpunk, as it was imagined twenty or thirty years ago: an explosive mixture of romance and gross, where high technology coexists with the greatest social stratification.

Basically, you will see your character on the inventory screen

Basically, you will see your character on the inventory screen

With each new scene, you never stop admiring the incredible work that the craftsmen from CD Projekt RED have done in terms of production. Cyberpunk 2077 takes RPG dialogue directing to the next level, as BioWare once did with Mass Effect. Each scene is detailed and superbly played. Forget about “talking heads” – here the conversation is between living people. Every conversation is full of details; people are like people: they nervously tap their fingers on the table, relaxed smoking, rushing from corner to corner, and so on. In the process, you do not lose control over V, you can freely look around and wander between your interlocutors (if you are not sitting at this time).

The story of Cyberpunk 2077 is unlikely to turn your world upside down – it is more about intrigue than about people’s experiences and reasoning about high things. Although it sometimes tries to talk about important topics like duty and adherence to principles, and the genre cannot do without all-conquering corporate oppression – but all this is on the periphery. Nevertheless, it is damn interesting to follow what is happening, and the lucky ones will get the greatest pleasure from the plot, who have managed to pave their way on the Internet bypassing spoilers and have not picked up fragmentary information about the game. Pleasant surprises and unexpected twists are guaranteed.

The main story is shorter than that in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Most of the time, events are linear and don’t offer much choice, except on rare occasions (think carefully about how to approach buying a war bot in Act 1). But don’t be in a hurry to get upset – it’s hard to call Cyberpunk 2077 short. As the passage progresses, more and more secondary plots are revealed, decisions in the process of acquaintance with which will clearly affect the final act.

The parade is one of the most beautiful scenes this year

The parade is one of the most beautiful scenes this year

I want to take part in additional missions not only for the sake of obtaining a conditionally “best” ending, but also to spend time in the company of bright secondary characters. Judy, Panam, River – their stories will be remembered for a long time. Of course, a significant part of the game is dedicated to Johnny Silverhand played by Keanu Reeves. At a certain point, a rebel rocker will settle in V’s mind and begin to insert his five cents with or without reason. Towards the end of the adventure, you may end up hating each other or becoming pals. The second scenario is preferable – you do not want to deprive yourself of a portion of entertaining quests and excellent equipment?

⇡ # Solved 2077

Of course, not all secondary activities turn into intriguing stories with charismatic heroes. Some side missions take a few minutes to complete. Fixers consistently supply V with small orders. Such a “hack” usually involves arriving at a certain point on the map and eliminating the target, stealing data or organizing a sabotage. Small gangs hang out in every nook and cranny, for the elimination of which the police will gladly transfer several credits to your account.

I am glad that absolutely every skirmish has a context: punks knock money out of a debtor in a landfill, mercenaries get rid of corpses under a bridge, corporation guards eliminate spies in the wasteland – the scene always paints a small but folding picture of events. Little things like that give Night City life, and at first glance, routine assignments can still surprise you with an unexpected turn.

Not the most successful color palette in the hack mode sometimes makes it impossible to make out what is happening

Due to the not very successful color palette in hacking mode, sometimes it is impossible to make out what is happening

What could be more commonplace than a series of fistfights? But then you find out that the opponent has put all the money to provide for his pregnant wife, and a choice arises: “drain” the fight to him; to win, but nobly not to take the prize money; or cynically rob him to the skin by rolling off on his car. Another sparring will have to be conducted against a psycho with a grenade implanted in his face. Any careless blow – and boom! Or, in the process of the next race through the wasteland, you are suddenly covered by a sandstorm and you have to maneuver among the canyons with zero visibility.

Regardless of the scale of the order, it can be executed in different ways. Conversation among them, however, is extremely rare – with aggressive mercenaries, bandits, cyber psychics and military drones, you can’t talk much, they immediately open fire. But you yourself are free to decide how to get through enemy territory: as an invisible ghost or aggressively, with guns at the ready. In terms of mission design, the latest Deus Ex is immediately remembered.

You can fight and hide in different ways. Shooting enemies with a sniper rifle while sitting in a comfortable position is not at all the same as rushing into battle with a machine gun at the ready, simultaneously breaking into enemy optics and weapons. Also, quiet stealth behind the backs of enemies or hacking of doors, cameras and other equipment, which opens up new paths to the goal, is felt differently. Moreover, sometimes the way the mission will unfold depends on your approach. For example, in one of the episodes it is necessary to take a prisoner out of the enemy’s lair. If you do it imperceptibly, you will calmly leave. Get involved in a shootout – a chase scene will follow.

The hack of devices and opponents is arranged in the form of a mini-game

The hack of devices and opponents is arranged in the form of a mini-game

The development system is flexible and at first it may even seem overloaded. Not least because of the inconvenient interface (you won’t immediately guess how to put the improvement on the implant). Upon gaining a new level, V develops one of the characteristics of his choice: strength, reaction, engineering, intelligence and composure, which increases various parameters of the hero. Within each discipline, there are two or three branches of passive skills that are responsible for different specializations: shooting rifles, hacking enemies, creating items, and so on.

A gradual increase in skill when using different skills is superimposed on the classic pumping. You shoot a lot – get a bonus to your favorite type of weapon, swing your fists often – become an increasingly hardened fighter, and so on. Finally, in 2077, it is not a problem to replace any part of the body with an artificial and more functional part. Embedding blades in your hands, a threat analyzer in an eye prosthesis, a nervous system stimulator for a time dilation effect – there are many options. You just have to run around different rippers, because their assortment is different. If you do not have enough credits to buy the vending “chrome” immediately, then it is easy to forget where the desired seller lives.

The main thing is that it is interesting to play with any approach in Cyberpunk 2077 – all the mechanics are at least well worked out. We were pleasantly surprised by the skirmishes: the weapon is felt well, the enemies react vividly to hits and try not to let V descend, pressing with numbers and smoking grenades from cover. But remember that role-playing elements are layered on the classic shooter, which makes the game similar to the Borderlands series – the damage directly depends on the characteristics of the hero, his equipment and the level of enemies. Opponents who greatly surpass you in level easily withstand a clip or two in the face.

Boss battles are unavoidable. It's good that they are well delivered

Boss battles are unavoidable. It’s good that they are well delivered

Stealth is not much different from the stealth mechanic in the latest Deus Ex. In story missions, it’s easy to spot the paths laid out by the designers for unnoticed passage. And when you get hold of a powerful revolver with a silencer and a script for hacking the optics, rushing forward as an invisible ghost will not be difficult. The situation is slightly worse with close combat. It is, of course, two heads higher than what Fallout 4 offered, but the strange “magnetization” of the enemy when he hits V, coupled with an ambiguous balance, spoil the impression. It’s strange that an equal in level gopnik sends you to the control point with literally two pokes.

⇡ # Cost of progress or cost of error?

Cyberpunk 2077 is beautifully sustained stylistically. It presses with its scale of a multi-level city, strikes with hundreds of neon lighting sources and a thousand details in every gateway, in any apartment. You never stop admiring Night City even after tens of hours. The last time the game world impressed with such a detailed urban landscape, perhaps, in Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Only owners of good PCs will be able to enjoy this visual feast. Detailed results of testing Cybeprunk 2077 on different video cards will be published later, but for now I will tell you about my own experience. The AMD Radeon 5700 XT handles the game at 1440p, locked at 30 frames per second, without any drawdowns, with all the settings turned all the way down. If the counter is unlocked, then the FPS will walk from 35 to 60 with a penny. In Full HD resolution, I got the coveted 60 frames per second without any problems.

Each car feels unique, from hulking limousines to nimble sports cars and motorcycles. The latter are implemented surprisingly well.

Each car feels unique, from hulking limousines to nimble sports cars and motorcycles. The latter are implemented surprisingly well.

Another thing is that in addition to a high appetite for system power, Cyberpunk 2077 loves to throw bugs. In my case, they were purely visual in nature: passers-by materialized in front of our eyes, the desired animation did not work, a couple of times for a second or two the NPC was displayed in a T-pose. All such cases did not affect the general experience in any way. Absolutely all quests are completed correctly, for the entire time (about 50 hours) I have not come across a single broken script or logic that did not allow me to complete any task. Even the pre-release version was in an order of magnitude better than S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Gothic 3 …

By a statement from a studio representativethe more you load a system that does not meet the relevant requirements, the higher the likelihood of visual errors, problematic loading of models, and so on. The owners of the basic versions of the last generation consoles were not at all lucky. On them, even two patches later, Cyberpunk 2077 is still far from playable. Problems spoil the whole fun of storytelling and gameplay. At the moment, these versions should be avoided, and on the part of CD Projekt RED it would be appropriate to open refunds to all buyers. In the end, until the release, the players did not realize how bad everything was there.

Personal quests of romantic interests turned out to be incredibly soulful and cozy. Especially the underwater walk with Judy

Personal quests of romantic interests turned out to be incredibly soulful and cozy. Especially the underwater walk with Judy

* * *

The review, let me remind you, concerns the PC version. Here Cyberpunk 2077 is revealed in all its glory as a cinematic role-playing game, in some places entering the territory of the notorious “nextgen”. The story is captivating, you are addicted to many of the secondary characters, you enjoy the gameplay (sometimes laughing at funny, but not interfering with the passage of visual errors). And yet I feel a little like the hero of the imperishable Mega64 video, because the hand does not rise to give the game the highest rating, as it easily rose once in the case of The Witcher 3. There are enough reasons. But even if the highest score does not flaunt below, Cyberpunk 2077 is still very good, piecework, uneven in some aspects, but outstanding in others.

About localization. The Russian version has a lot of mate. It seems that the translators, having received carte blanche, have recouped for all those years when they could hardly screw in a strong word. In principle, like shoemakers, only bandits, drunks from the gateway and rock stars swear – it looks quite natural. Important corporate bigwigs don’t allow themselves this.

The translation is free in places, the authors tried to adapt the jokes, and more often they succeed than not. The voice actors did a pretty good job, although the English is noticeably nicer. The male version of V turned out to be quite good, but the female version, according to the impressions of our editor Artem Terekhov, makes you want to switch to English, since the game allows you to combine sound / subtitles / interface in different languages. But in this case, your voice acting will sometimes not converge with the adapted translation. Separately, I would like to note our voice acting Judy, who was given a voice in the localization by actress Ingrid Olerinskaya – she perfectly managed to convey the melancholic, closed, but tender and vulnerable nature of the character.

The entire editorial office is buzzing about the release: someone is waiting for patches / upgrade / vacation, someone has carved out time to go to Night City now – there were not many people who were absolutely indifferent to Cyberpunk 2077 in the large 3DNews team. Here are the impressions of several of our authors who have already played the newest CD Projekt RED project.

Mikhail Ponomarev (plays on PC)

Cyberpunk 2077 awakened an almost forgotten feeling when you want to move all things further away (for the next year, or better – the next life), turn off your phone, surround yourself with a mountain of food and not break away from the world of a new game for two hundred hours. It’s a pity reality is making adjustments, but the chemical reaction of the impartial pituitary gland is revealing!

Cyberpunk 2077 is colossal in its scale and ambitions, but captivates with something completely different – unobvious subtleties and filigree elaboration of nuances. The world of the game is lively and diverse. Here you deliberately leave the plot path into the depths of the stone jungle: fulfill an order, listen to the chatter of idle townspeople, look at an elaborate advertising banner, or simply wander through the lush back streets of Night City, be sure to find an adventure for all your cyberimplants. And the secondary tasks are captivating!

And when you return to the main story, then you are firmly glued to the screen: the main campaign is full of colorful characters, spectacularly staged scenes and an excellent plot with biting witty dialogues. What can we say about the accompanying entertainment: spectacular skirmishes, exciting mechanics and the freedom to play the game as you please. And after all, each style promises a lot of impressions. Shooting has excellent recoil, melee weapons add spice to brawls, and local hacking makes you feel like an almighty “battle architect”. Except that stealth seemed a bit awkward to me personally. А какой в Cyberpunk 2077 простор для развития персонажа — глазные импланты разбегаются!

Хочется обмолвиться и о локализации: за последнюю пару-тройку лет и не вспомню настолько талантливой работы. И дело не в изобретательном и обильном использовании обсценной лексики, но в умелой адаптации исходного материала и фееричной эмоциональной отдаче большей (увы, есть и исключения) части актерской группы.

Недаром Cyberpunk 2077 моментально западет в душу: она исполнена с размахом, пронизана неординарным антиутопическим антуражем, наполнена тысячей потрясающих аспектов — не штамповка, скрупулезная ручная работа. Да, увы, без технических проблем на старте не обошлось, но это — сиюминутные неурядицы, меркнущие на фоне настолько грандиозного художественного произведения. В конце концов, баги и беды с оптимизацией рано или поздно канут в небытие, а величие такого монументального труда останется навсегда.

Алексей Лихачев (играет на PS5)

Запускать Cyberpunk 2077, надеясь увидеть здесь RPG или замену Deus Ex, будет ошибкой. Особенно если речь идет о сюжетной кампании, которая иногда цитирует Call of Duty и больше похожа на дорогой боевик с серьезными разговорами, неизбежными перестрелками и погонями — отыгрывать роль пацифиста невозможно и даже глупо. Попытки «играть в RPG» оборачиваются провалом: требующие пять единиц силы ответы в беседах просто добавят пару лишних фраз, стелс кривоват, а древо навыков быстро начинаешь игнорировать — то ли из-за интерфейса, то ли из-за отсутствия там чего-либо интересного.

Скидку не даст, вариант добавлен для красоты

Скидку не даст, вариант добавлен для красоты

Это история Ви, а не игрока — часто ездишь по «рельсам» и следуешь указаниям на экране. Прежде всего разработчики хотят развлекать, а не погружать, поэтому спустя пять часов тебе по-прежнему наплевать на героев — ты ничего о них толком не знаешь. Вместо полноценного знакомства с Джеки мы смотрим минутную нарезку, после чего узнаем, что мы с ним уже полгода как лучшие друзья. Ладно, пусть так, мужик прикольный.

Мертвый город, в котором все жители сравнимы с манекенами, а водители даже не сигналят, если перегородить им путь, едва ли соответствует громкому названию Найт-Сити. Его пытаются оживить телефонным спамом с рекламой, регулярными звонками по поводу и без от людей, с которыми не о чем общаться, но это не помогает. За многочисленными значками на карте (от их изобилия поперхнулась бы даже Ubisoft) скрываются сомнительного качества развлечения вроде однотипных заказов или квестов, среди которых есть хорошие истории, погребенные под кучей проходных.

Живости миру такие моменты не добавляют

Живости миру такие моменты не добавляют

Как только слезаешь с «рельс», игра разваливается. Методы работы полиции — самые странные в видеоиграх последних лет, прохожие никак не реагируют на их спасение из лап гопников, ваша предыстория почти ни на что не влияет, ИИ отсутствует. Но и светлые моменты встречаются, только сильно позже.

Возможно, глупо было ожидать от Cyberpunk 2077 нового слова в жанре или революцию, но ее создатели сами вовремя не остановили мечтателей. Надо было сказать сразу, что формула здесь ничем не удивит, да и своих идей катастрофически мало — по всем параметрам (кроме графики на ПК) это шаблонная игра прошлого поколения. Странно, что на старых консолях она при этом работает так позорно.

Артем Терехов (играет на PC)

Постановка диалогов, как уже отметил Денис, потрясающая. Такого в ролевых экшенах еще не было и неизвестно, когда кто-то сможет этот уровень хотя бы повторно взять, не говоря уже о том, чтобы превзойти. Графика заставляет мой почтенный ПК кряхтеть и уповать на DLSS, но Cyberpunk 2077 вызывает желание раскошелиться на полноценный апгрейд и увидеть Найт-Сити во всем великолепии. Заодно было бы неплохо получить функцию переключения между бегом и ходьбой — хочется просто бродить и глазеть по сторонам.

Я продвинулся не слишком далеко, но концентрация всяческих «пасхалок», отсылок и явлений из других игр/фильмов/медиа, на мой вкус, иногда подбирается к критической — в такие моменты кажется, что Cyberpunk 2077 зашила собственное лицо понадерганными отовсюду имплантами. Но ощущение проходит, стоит только впутаться в очередное приключение в этом невероятном городе.

Агрессивный маркетинг однозначно сыграл с проектом злую шутку и больно ударил по всем сторонам, от самих разработчиков до массы разочарованных игроков (хотя наши ожидания — это наши проблемы). Но есть у него и светлая сторона — о Cyberpunk 2077 говорят вообще все, кто хоть немного в теме игр, его обсуждают, с упоением проходят и делятся друг с другом бесконечными историями обо всем, от ярких впечатлений до забавных багов. И это круто.


  • игра потрясающе выдержана стилистически;
  • яркий и проработанный Найт-Сити с чистой совестью можно назвать одним из главных героев Cyberpunk 2077;
  • безумно крутая постановка диалогов — новая планка качества для всех будущих RPG от первого лица;
  • богатая система развития;
  • вариативный геймплей, каждая механика в котором работает если не отлично, то как минимум хорошо.


  • перегруженный интерфейс;
  • технические проблемы;
  • странности с балансом.
Graphic arts В версии для ПК на высоких настройках от картинки порой захватывает дух. Впрочем, и на средних глаз радуется. Потрясающую работу проделали как художники, так и аниматоры, сделавшие каждый из сотен диалогов по-настоящему живым.
Звук Электронный саундтрек на стыке с индастриалом отлично вписывается в атмосферу «олдового» киберпанка. Оригинальные актеры озвучения проделали отменную работу, а русский дубляж в целом вышел на приемлемом уровне.
Single player game Если попробовать кратко описать игру, то получилась «Deus Ex в масштабах Grand Theft Auto».
Collective game Не предусмотрена. Пока что.
General impression Выдающаяся RPG, задающая новые стандарты режиссуры в жанре. Проблем у нее, к сожалению, тоже хватает.

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