Cyborg Ninja Versus All: Bushiden Action Platformer Story Trailer

Cyborg Ninja Versus All: Bushiden Action Platformer Story Trailer

Pixel Arc has announced that Humble Games will publish the action-packed action-platformer Bushiden on PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in spring or summer 2021. In addition, the developers released a trailer for the game, which told about its plot.

In 2018, Pixel Arc Studios successfully raised money for a nineties-themed 2D action platformer featuring a cyborg ninja as the protagonist. Bushiden combines elements of Metroidvania, the fast-paced action from Strider, and the exploration feel of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. In the new trailer, the developers showed the interconnected locations through which the main character travels. The antagonist Gao also appears in it, who kidnapped the sister of the cyborg ninja.

In addition, GameSpot spoke with Pixel Arc Studios employee Chris Crawford, who shared his joy of success on Kickstarter. “The initial reaction of the players was overwhelming., – he said. – We were confident that people would love this game when we started the project, but the amount of support we received during the Kickstarter campaign was incredible. “

He went on to explain that Bushiden’s gameplay draws heavily on classic combo-focused games such as Mega Man X and Final Fight. You will also be able to improve the abilities of the cyborg ninja, for example, learn how to use your mechanical arm against large opponents.

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