Dbrand to release black bezels for PS5, despite risk of legal action from Sony

Dbrand to release black bezels for PS5, despite risk of legal action from Sony

The Sony PlayStation 5 game console is enclosed in a fairly large case, which is ambiguously accepted by the market, and is available in a single color version, where the central part is black, and the side panels are white with blue backlighting from the inside.

It is understandable that some players want a more traditional device. They were helped by Canadian redesign company Dbrand, announcing matte black bezels for the PlayStation 5.

Reportedly, these parts for the digital and disc versions of the PS5 have already entered mass production and will be available in 2021. Prices have not yet been announced, and the company will begin to accept orders when sufficient stocks accumulate at its headquarters in Toronto. Dbrand will also offer styling kits for the console and controller later.

Even before the PS5 went to retail, Dbrand was taking pre-orders for accessories for the PS5 redesign. But then they were canceled due to the faulty appearance of the console: white uncovered details were traced.

Another UK company, VGC, tried to sell custom PS5 faceplates over the Internet, but Sony sued them for trademark infringement. Wondering how Dbrand solves intellectual property issues? But one thing is clear: its alternate bezels do not have the PS5 logo.

When asked if Dbrand was concerned about possible legal problems with Sony, the company replied: “Let them try”… And when another user asked what the plan was to avoid a subpoena, he got the answer: Nice try Sony. Purchasing a PlayStation 5 console is still difficult – prepared by Sony stocks turned out to be insufficient for a successful start of sales and are replenished rather slowly.

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