Delimobil to launch long-distance travel

Delimobil to launch long-distance travel


Anna Savelieva | 01/26/2021

Delimobil to launch long-distance travel

Thanks to the transition to Multi SIM cards, cars will be able to go to places with difficult terrain, where normal communication loses stability. At the initial stage, the update will affect a fleet of 1500

Delimobil has started connecting its fleet of vehicles to the virtual operator Center 2M. A specialized SIM-card (Multi SIM) will be installed in the terminals of the vehicle telematics system and will allow
offer customers more travel options, as well as expanding areas for long-distance tourist routes. Upon successful completion of the test period, all machines will gradually
switch to Multi SIM-cards.

Now the company uses several models of telematics terminals, which support operation with one or two SIM-cards of different cellular operators. The main reason for switching to
Multi SIM is the ability to obtain a stable and reliable data transmission channel with a wider coverage area.

Internet of Things (IoT) technology, with the help of which Delimobil collects all data from telematics equipment, allows you to remotely receive information from on-board vehicle systems, see
it in the mobile application, as well as control and operate the vehicle. The advantage of the Multi SIM card used in this case is that it supports networking
simultaneously several cellular operators, and allows you to switch to the best data transmission channel at the current time.

For the period of the New Year holidays, the company increased tourist routes by 45 destinations, expanding the travel zone three times. Some of these areas have landscape difficulties that affect
the quality and stability of the communication channel, while the re-equipment of the vehicle fleet will ensure safety and control even taking into account these features. Thus, Delimobil can be
always in touch with the client and the car he is driving, and, if necessary, help him in any situation on the way.

Currently, Multi SIM-cards from Center 2M allow working in the networks of MTS, Megafon and Tele2, but in the near future the company plans to expand the list.

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