Dell introduced artificial intelligence PC and 5G

Dell introduced artificial intelligence PC and 5G

Catherine Alexandrova

Dell Technologies has introduced new products and software in the premium segments of Latitude and XPS with artificial intelligence (AI) and support for 5G networks.

The Latitude 9000 Series is a premium PC for executives and mobile professionals. The new Latitude 9510 has a decent battery life of 30+ hours,
5G-enabled architecture and powerful audio subsystem, and provide intelligent performance-enhancing solutions.


The Latitude 9510 has a 15-inch screen, which does not exceed the size of most 14-inch products, and fits in a small bag. It weighs 1.45 kg. The design includes a
built-in 5G speakers to conserve the InfinityEdge display area, as well as carbon fiber blades and dual heat sinks. Computers are certified
Project Athena and are equipped with Intel Core i7 processors up to 10th generation with vPro technology. It will be released in March 2020.

Dell Optimizer firmware runs in the background and allows you to:

  • Work faster with ExpressResponse: Based on user-friendly features and machine learning using Intel Adaptix technology, it speeds up the launch of frequently used
    application, allows you to quickly switch between them and increases overall performance.

  • Save battery life with ExpressCharge: artificial intelligence and machine learning increase battery life depending on charge mode and typical power consumption
    energy. With a critically low battery, the Latitude 9510 will adjust the settings for saving resources, such as dimming the screen or choosing the optimal charge mode, such as
    ExpressCharge Boost, which charges the battery 35% in 20 minutes.

  • Is it safe to log in with ExpressSign-in: it detects user presence, providing faster logging, security and performance with a sensor
    Dell’s presence with support for Intel Context Sensing and Windows Hello.

  • Use Hands-Free Intelligent Audio: Speakers, amplifiers, and four noise-canceling microphones provide interaction, while Intelligent Audio enhances
    audibility during a conference call, eliminating echoes and background noises.

Dell also introduced the new XPS 13 with a large display, an edge-to-edge keyboard, a large touchpad and the ability to open the computer with one hand. Processed aluminum, carbon
Corning Gorilla fiber, fiberglass and tempered glass are responsible for durability.


With a larger display area of ​​16:10 and a 25% increase in brightness, XPS InfinityEdge offers more screen space and better image quality. New design
also offers a 13.4-inch display in 11-inch form factor.

Project Athena Certified XPS 13 is powered by 10nm 10th generation Intel Core 10 processors and provides up to 19 hours of battery life. Available options include the traditional XPS 13
with Windows 10 or Developer Edition with Ubuntu 18.04LTS. New items start at $ 999.99.

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