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demand for PlayStation 5 turned out to be unprecedentedly high and at the start of sales of consoles there will not be enough for everyone

AMD CEO Lisa Su spoke about some of the difficulties in bringing the production of components for new game consoles to the required level at the reporting conference, and representatives of Sony Interactive Entertainment admitted that they would buy PlayStation 5 on the day of the announcement, which is scheduled for 12 November, not everyone can.

Image source: Reuters

Image source: Reuters

At least this is the head of Sony’s division Jim Ryan (Jim Ryan) forced to announce the results of pre-orders for the supply of the PlayStation 5 in the US market. In the first 12 hours after the start of accepting applications, the company was able to process the same number of orders as in the first 12 weeks after the announcement of the PlayStation 4. In other words, the number of people willing to buy a new console in the first days after the announcement was many times higher than in the case of its predecessor.

Throughout its life cycle, the PlayStation 4 console has sold over 100 million copies, it is possible that the successor will be able to cover this achievement. This year, demand is fueled by both the novelty effect and the release of accompanying games, and the pandemic, which forces seated digital entertainment enthusiasts to think about the variety of leisure activities. But the pandemic has clearly not become an unequivocal boon for the gaming industry, as the development timeline for some games was delayed, and in terms of hardware, the established supply chains were disrupted. Traditional retail has also suffered from the quarantine closure, reducing sales.

Despite Sony’s efforts to cover all demand this holiday season, according to Jim Ryan, the PlayStation 5 console may not be available to someone in the early days after the announcement. As he added, the company can strengthen its own game studio through mergers and acquisitions if necessary. Sony will try to ensure that the surge in demand for games and consoles caused by the pandemic does not turn into a recession after its end. To do this, you will have to constantly keep the audience interested in gaming news. The impact of the pandemic on projects scheduled for release in 2021 and 2022 was also reduced, as a Sony spokesman added.

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