DENSO and Qualcomm will develop new dashboards

DENSO and Qualcomm will develop new dashboards

Catherine Alexandrova

DENSO Corporation and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, jointly develop next-generation cockpit systems.

Recently, with the advent of driver assistance systems with many cameras and sensors, as well as various entertainment systems, the amount of information the driver receives from
car. And, accordingly, it must be provided quickly, efficiently and safely to the driver, without distracting him from driving. Interfaces play a key role in this
human machine (HMI). In the process, they must take into account the driving situation and the condition of the driver in order to provide important data at the right time. This was made possible by
many simultaneous HMI products such as instrument cluster, multimedia system and head-up display.

To improve critical information sharing, DENSO plans to develop a next-generation digital system using Qualcomm Technologies’ information and communication technologies,
including new semiconductor and software solutions for smartphones. The company will also draw on its experience in the field of on-board equipment, functional and information
security and quality improvement of HMI products.

Together with Qualcomm Technologies, DENSO plans to develop an architecture based on DENSO Harmony Core integrated digital systems using one master microcomputer for
coordination and control of HMI products running under different operating systems. Such solutions are capable of interacting with external cloud services and new HMI products,
providing car connectivity and features such as driver status monitoring, driver and passenger authentication, and improved display ergonomics.

DENSO will improve the ergonomics of integrated onboard systems and onboard infotainment services, and will create solutions for these systems using technologies and processes,
spent on product development.

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