Desert and anguish: post-apocalyptic game Cendres: A Survival Journey announced

Desert and anguish: post-apocalyptic game Cendres: A Survival Journey announced

Dear Villagers and Nameless XIII (founded by Dontnod Entertainment co-founder Hervé Bonin) have announced Cendres: A Survival Journey, a post-apocalyptic survival storyline. The game will be released on PC in early 2021.

“We are big fans [серии детских книг-игр] ″ Choose Your Own Adventure ″ and wanted to combine their often incredibly detailed and captivating worlds with the interactivity of an adventure video gameBonin said. – We realized that the post-apocalyptic setting offers a unique opportunity for players to challenge their own morality, as it does not have any rules or punishments from the real world. The main goal of the game is to question yourself and your actions and decisions when faced with difficult choices that are not black and white. It’s like looking into the dark corners of your morality and finding out what’s in the shadows. “

According to the plot of Cendres: A Survival Journey, 200 years after the beginning of the geological apocalypse, the world became a scorched desert. You and a group of survivors have embarked on an extremely dangerous adventure seeking refuge for your people.

Along the way, you will get to know the leader of the squad Petra, the pragmatic fighter Sinh, the optimistic young student of Kali and the cautious scout Nadir and face difficult moral dilemmas. In addition, the game will require you to strategically distribute food, equipment and medicine, as well as protect the group from madness and despair. It is noteworthy that Cendres: A Survival Journey will offer 34 options for the ending of the story.

If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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