Designer made a moon rover from a Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck

Designer made a moon rover from a Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck

Tesla and SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, are increasingly collaborating with each other. It is unlikely that anyone would be surprised if in the future they join forces and create a real lunar rover that could be used by astronauts. Probably the same opinion is shared by one of the Instagram users who created and published several visualizations on how the Tesla lunar rover could have looked.

The author of the renderings depicting the Tesla lunar rover was a user of the social network Instagram with the nickname Charlie Automotive. It is logical that the Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck became the basis for the project, since its unusual appearance perfectly suits the lunar rover.

A pickup truck looks like it came off the pages of a science fiction novel. In addition, Tesla uses a rugged case and bulletproof glass in the design of Cybertruck, which can be useful if Ilon Mask wants to make a real moon rover based on a pickup truck.

The Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck was introduced to the general public last November. Despite the fact that the pickup has not yet begun to be mass-produced, the company has collected a large number of pre-orders for its purchase. Depending on the selected configuration, the electric car can cover from 400 to 800 km on a single charge of the battery pack. To become the owner of the Cybertruck in the basic configuration will have to pay about $ 40,000.

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