Development and management of a unified IT platform for public services: all the details

Development and management of a unified IT platform for public services: all the details

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Natalia Solovieva | 12/31/2020

Development and management of a unified IT platform for public services: all the details

SBER received the status of the sole developer and operator of the core of the Gostec IT platform. These are the results of an open auction held by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media
communications of the Russian Federation.

It was Sberank RF (now part of the BEER ecosystem) that initiated the creation of a unified digital platform for state services, and presented the concept of this platform to the Russian government in April 2020.
However, last June 2020, the number of potential participants in this project intended to join “Russian Post”, VTB
and Rostelecom
… They were going to use their best practices in this area, and also, as it was stated in the joint appeal of the leaders of these organizations to the head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation, had the intention
prevent Sberbank of the Russian Federation from monopolizing the market for the development of public services, the volume of which is estimated by experts at 40-60 billion rubles annually.

As Ivan Begtin, director of ANO Information Culture, commented in the media, Sberbank of the Russian Federation will receive, in fact, exclusive access to the automation of state functions and state data. Based on this information, he
will be able to create new products. And then, by absorbing some of the system integrators or simply “pushing” them away from government contracts, Sberbank of the Russian Federation will become the only player in the market segment of dozens
billions of rubles a year, the expert continued.

In addition, Andrey Sholokhov, Deputy General Director of Softline for Work with National Projects, believed that in excess of this amount, funds would be required both for GIS maintenance and translation earlier
systems written on a new platform. The successful development of “Gostech” will hit the companies that specialized in the development of GIS, he said.

The results of the data analysis, which will also become available to Sberbank of the Russian Federation, will make it possible to enrich the data it already has about its customers (their number is estimated by experts at 98 million) and, thus,
significantly improve the quality of forecasting. For example, when assessing the risks of borrowers or the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, said the head of the group for the provision of services to financial companies
Deloitte sector Maxim Nalyutin.

But despite all these fears, except for SBER, which submitted an application to the tender with a cost of execution of 900 million rubles, no one else applied for participation in the auction and did not submit their applications.

The Gostech platform, as stated in the decree signed by the Chairman of the Russian Government Mikhail Mishustin, will transfer already created and operating systems, the functionality of which –
ensuring interaction between private users and the business community with various government bodies. It will also become a unified environment for the development of future state information
systems (GIS).

In general, the cost of its development is estimated at 6 billion rubles.

According to the terms of reference, by the end of May 2022, the winner of the auction must create a platform for software development, on the basis of which a single digital
platform “Gostech”. It will have to support the work of at least 100 million people and ensure that 120 thousand users are on it at a time.

As informed sources comment, the project will be based on Platform V – SBER’s own technological platform, a fundamental component of the strategy on which all
development plans for the ecosystem’s financial and non-financial business. The main functionality of Platform V is based on open source software.

Until this date, according to the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, the creation, migration and development of state information systems and their components on a single digital
the GosTech platform should be carried out in the mode of approbation and experiment, which is regulated by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1674, and which, in addition to the Ministry of Digital Industry of the Russian Federation itself, should also be joined by such departments as the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation, Federal Property Management Agency,
Rosreestr, OMS Fund, Russian Export Center and a number of others. The services for the lease of state property and mandatory
medical insurance, in addition, it was supposed to launch services for cadastral activities and works, real estate transactions, the provision of data and analytics from the state register of real estate and a number of

“Digitalization represents a radical change in processes and IT automation. It would be a mistake to consider GosTech exclusively as an IT platform. We put much more meaning into
this project, up to changes in the regulatory framework of this area, “- the official website of the ministry quotes the comment of Dmitry Oguryaev, deputy head of the RF Ministry of Digital Affairs.

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