Development vector: IT as a service

Development vector: IT as a service

Olga Popova

In early December, Hewlett Packard Enterprise organized an international conference in Munich for European partners and customers of HPE Discover More.

According to a survey conducted by HPE among 1,000 IT decision makers from US, Germany and UK companies, 87% of organizations have started implementing IT as a Service or have already
have completed the process. The market is clearly considering the service as a future, looking for effective approaches to implement cloud infrastructures. However, many corporate applications remain local,
because they were not designed for the public cloud. Considering the different environments, the HPE survey showed that the skills needed to manage IT operations in a public and on-premises cloud,
have significant differences. Managing hybrid environments requires new skills and new tools, which increases both cost and complexity.

However, in the same poll, three-quarters of respondents say that in their organizations, data is shared between public entities and private clouds (77%), and acknowledge that data storage is becoming
key problem for their business (75%). About two-thirds (66%) believe that data migration to the public cloud in their organization has stalled.

For business users and service brokers

Speaking at the conference, HPE CEO Antonio Neri said: “We help businesses conduct hyperconnected operations. Tomorrow we will live in a world where everything is hyper-connected,
in the world with data that creates understanding and revenue. Our vision is that data will start managing businesses and companies that will be able to use them quickly and efficiently, no one will
catch up ».


He introduced HPE GreenLake Central, an advanced software platform that allows customers to work with all their applications and data in the cloud through a single operating system
console, managing and optimizing your entire hybrid IT infrastructure.

According to HPE, the platform gives customers the freedom to choose what tools they want to use to build applications, where and how to place their workloads and data, while paying
just for what they use.

According to Neri, using HPE GreenLake Central CIOs regain control of an organization’s hybrid infrastructure, they can monitor actions and make decisions on a number of
KPIs, including those related to security, capacity, cost, regulatory compliance and resource utilization. HPE has implemented a suite of technologies that will help IT departments grow into
brokers of IT services for their organizations.

Developers have the ability to quickly write, release and deploy code and pay for resources as they are consumed. On a special site, they can, in a single programming environment
create your products using a wide range of tools and services from HPE and its partners.

CFOs will be able to monitor real-time IT costs across hybrid IT infrastructure, track cost sharing between
users, teams, units, and environments: in the public and private cloud, data center, and network border.

The Legal, Regulatory and Security Departments can monitor security and management. Identifying and eliminating risks and problems becomes
easier, and detailed reports can significantly reduce audit time.


symbiosis of innovation

At present, HPE GreenLake is one of the fastest growing units in HPE, with more than 740 large customers worldwide, 160 of which were recruited this year alone.
In addition, HPE provides unique access to its worldwide partner community – in 2019, the channel provided more than 200% increase in HPE GreenLake orders.

Over the last two years, HPE has been acquiring cloud technology enterprises and expanding its internal capabilities. In 2017, HPE purchased a Cloud Cruiser that provides tools for
analysis of consumption of IT infrastructure. In August 2018, the company also acquired MapR’s business assets to accelerate its smart data platform; and in November of that year – and
BlueData, a container platform for AI workloads. Cloud Technology Partners, a consulting business acquired in 2017, has become part of the service business

By 2022, NRE plans to use GreenLake to provide all of its products as a service. Today, 500 partners around the world offer customers platform usage services

CFO and Vice President Tarek Robbiati said in the fourth quarter of 2019 revenue from IT as a service was $ 462 million. “Looking ahead, we are confident that we can achieve
our benchmark is an increase of 30-40% by 2022, ”he predicts.

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