Digital economy? Opinions were divided ...

Digital economy? Opinions were divided …

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Dmitry Vinogradov | 02/10/2021

Digital economy? Opinions were divided ...

At the end of January, the publishing house Kommersant organized the conference “IT-efficiency in the era of the digital economy “. Event moderator, business development director
“Cybersecurity of the population” of Rostelecom-Solar Oleg Sedov immediately set the general direction of the discussion, saying that he was impressed by the definition of the digital economy as an economy of shrinking
intertransactional costs.

His position was more liked by representatives of companies that order and use digital transformation in their business than those who develop it.

Strategy in the digital age

Managing Director of the Samolet Group Andrey Ivanenko complained that 60-70% of investments in digital products in Russia are wasted: here is a product, but it is not viable. He gave an example from
experience of your company. The development of the headcount control system at the construction site took a week, and the implementation has been going on for the 6th month and there is no end in sight.

The speaker sees a way out in regular checks of the effectiveness of digital products. Mr. Ivanenko advises to accompany their implementation with the question: “What effect on EBITDA will be obtained?” And return to
this issue from time to time, keeping the project under threat of closure. And only if it is obvious to the customer of the development that the intended effect will be achieved, continue the development and implementation. To
evaluate the result, he is not afraid to release “raw” products. “First, this is some kind of application that will perform the main functionality, if it brings some economic effect, we
we are starting to refine this functionality, and not vice versa, ”he says.

Vadim Pestun, Partner and Director of Technology and Digital Transformation at BCG Moscow not sure if practice alone is the criterion of truth. In his opinion, the strategy we are used to takes into account
too few factors for the company to analyze. In the era of the digital economy, their list is getting longer every year. “How many companies play with their strategies”? –
Vadim Pestun asks in this regard. He believes that in the era of the digital economy, the company should be treated like a strategic game.


In this regard, it is necessary to do something with people, Vadim reflects. The digital economy needs a different culture, a new digital trust formed by messengers, supers, and so on. New people
will become the backbone of the digital economy.

“Cadres decide everything: it is important that there are people who are ready to take responsibility for taking“ people out of hibernation ”, forcing them to think and do“ inconvenient projects, ”I am sure innovation director
PJSC SKB-Bank Vitaly Kopysov
and cites himself as an example. “I got into digitalization with both feet,” he says.

At the same time, according to Mr. Kopylov, in the end digitalization will completely displace a person from business processes, at least in the field of finance. “This is the robotization of the banking sector,” –
he reasons. Sooner or later, a person will only have a control function.

“Thanks to my work, people will lose their jobs. This is our destiny, ”the speaker concludes.

Need to speed up?

It is necessary to follow the example of bad people (hackers), adds fuel to the fire Managing Director of Trend Micro German Pozankov: “Bad people do not wait for the state digitalization program,
artificial intelligence has long been in their service. We must, like them, feel the fabric of time. ” German Pozankov advises to learn from generation Z, which is now 20 years old, and which “lives and
breathes digital – they have no question why and how to digitalize, it is important for us not to lag behind them. ” The main message of Pozankov is that we do not have time for anything, more speed, speed, speed.

But as soon as the representatives enter the conversation “Rostelecom-Solar »Alexey Pavlov or director of one of the directions of ANO “Digital Economy” Alexey Sidoryuk, on the way of the seething
flow as if they were setting up a dam. Mr. Sidoryuk reminded the audience that the national digitalization program has long taken into account the main factors: these are personnel and their competencies, information infrastructure,
ensuring information security, developing domestic digital technologies and artificial intelligence and changing the regulatory framework. Everything is not bad according to Alexey – in 2020
there have been many positive changes for the development of the digital economy: digital transformation has become a top priority, digital development strategies have been approved in 21 companies with
state participation, heads of digital transformation have been appointed in all federal departments and regions. The national strategy for the development of artificial intelligence until 2030 has already been approved,
measures to support domestic IT companies were implemented; a law on “regulatory sandboxes” was adopted, which entered into force on January 28.

Alexey Pavlov, Head of the Expert Presale Department for Solar JSOC, Rostelecom-Solar believes that each industry has its own speed. For example, in industry, a hurry
digitalization without planned elaboration can lead to very serious consequences, he argues. Banking industry is best prepared – reports show bank theft has decreased
by 30%, although theft from their clients has increased, but this is not a question for banks, but for the digital literacy of the population.

Large-scale adoption of digital technologies can be financially costly, warned Alexey Pavlov. The digitalization of the economy should take place “from top to bottom”, and necessarily under the state
regulation. The state should also introduce cyber culture into every project that it oversees, he said.

Let’s write for the future

In conclusion, the conference participants gave their forecast for 2021. He was positive. According to the speakers:

– We are waiting for an interesting 21 years and many discoveries in it, including unmanned vehicles in Russia (Alexey Sidoryuk).

– We will see a lot of people ready for digital transformation (Vadim Pestun).

– We have ambitious plans. We will do more than even in the 20th. We will influence and adjust the state’s plans for innovation (Vitaly Kopysov).

– We are waiting for traction and requests from business for changes (Andrey Ivanenko).

An exception in the chorus of joyful forecasts was made by one German Pozankov, who said: “For information security specialists, I expect many threats.”

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