Digma SmartGate SG1: doorbell with camera

Digma SmartGate SG1: doorbell with camera

Sergey Gritsachuk

Among the design elements of building a “smart home” products of the brand DIGMA invariably attract the attention of enthusiasts. In this case, it is probably no exaggeration to note that every gadget
can be implemented into existing infrastructure or start housing with “smart” features. This time it will be about the visitor control tool, and if it is simpler
– doorbell with built-in camera.

“Yes, it’s an ordinary intercom!”, You will say. However, in the case of DIGMA SmartGate SG1, such a statement would not be entirely true.
The intercom is by definition a means of providing local two-way audio between a resident and a visitor (more sophisticated models can also broadcast video), whereas
we consider the device much more versatile.


The arrangement and construction are of particular interest: the device consists of two unconnected galvanic (wires) blocks, each of which is provided with a power source. Internal module,
installed indoors, performs auxiliary functions, and all major electronics are mounted in an external, remote. Yes, the controls include both the camera and the control
LED indicator and reset button. Unlike the classic video intercom, there is no screen, no speakers, no microphone – all these features are put on the owner’s smartphone.


A number of important requirements must be observed when installing an outdoor unit:

• Only place it in a damp and dust-proof room (for example, on a stairwell or in a corridor);

• the ambient temperature should not fall below -10 ° C and not exceed +50 ° C, otherwise performance is not guaranteed;

• take care of protecting the device from damage or unauthorized access (for example, install it in a pre-prepared alcove);

• the illumination in the field of view of the camera should be sufficient to produce a qualitative image, but no direct rays of the sun or other light sources should enter the lens;

• It is desirable to provide the module with an external (stationary) power supply (not included).

As for the indoor unit, the only important requirement is to maintain a distance sufficient for reliable communication with the outdoor unit and, of course, the presence of a suitable outlet:
structurally, such a call is made as a single unit with a fork. It should also be noted that its function is auxiliary in every sense: it just duplicates the custom tune of a button press.
Considering the fact that this message comes to all the connected smartphones, you can do without the player.


But the main module, once connected to the Wi-Fi network and registered in the mobile application DIGMA SmartLife, is capable of many things. In addition to HD camcorder (1280 × 720) with
a viewing angle of 105 ° in combination with a microphone and speaker (to provide two-way communication), a motion sensor is also provided: the device will inform the owners not only of the visitor by pressing the call button,
but also to any other object that is within sight of the instrument.


Significantly extends the capabilities of the DIGMA SmartGate SG1 built-in microSD drive up to 64 GB. Thanks to it, the camera becomes a full-fledged DVR: cyclically
videos are recorded in two situations – when the motion sensor is triggered and the call button is pressed. The owner can view them at any time, using the mobile app, from anywhere
the geographical point where Internet access is available. It is noteworthy that the software executes scripts that can be activated by specific trigger keys.


As mentioned, CCTV is available from anywhere. This allows the owner, for example, to see images from the camera or listen to the surroundings
Wednesday. And you can also talk to the visitor directly through your smartphone, and there will be a complete illusion of the owner’s presence in the house. Agree, quite effective for weighing the attackers and
other unwanted guests.

It remains to add a few words about power. DIGMA SmartGate SG1 comes with high capacity rechargeable batteries that will need to be recharged periodically
The battery is powered by any external charger with a current of at least 1.5 A and a USB socket, which will have to be removed regularly from the mounting plate. It would be much wiser to summarize
stationary voltage, the more its source can be selected within a very wide range – from 9 to 27 volts, with the polarity of connection to the terminals on the mounting plate does not play a role.

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Drive card built-in
Wide camera viewing angles

there is no dust protection
No vandalism

5990 rubles

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