Director Puppeteer wants to make a sequel, but the decision is up to Sony

Director Puppeteer wants to make a sequel, but the decision is up to Sony

SIE Worldwide Studios Creative Director Gavin Moore on my microblog mentioned his desire to take up the sequel to the puppet platformer Puppeteer.

It all started with appeal one of the fans to Moore about the fact that now the remaster of Puppeteer would come in handy. The developer supported the fan’s thought, but with a reservation.

“I agree, but this decision is not for me to make. I’d rather go for Puppeteer 2. There are so many more stories to tell [в этой вселенной]”– shared with a fan of Moore.

Subsequently, the developer also addedthat the main charm of Puppeteer lies in the abundance “Great characters”, around which, if desired, a conditional sequel could be built.

Puppeteer is set in the Moon Kingdom, where the Bear King steals the souls of young children. Together with a group of eccentric tyrant characters, he takes on the overthrow of a boy doll named Kutaro.

Puppeteer was released in September 2013 exclusively on PS3. The time for the release was not the best choice – just a couple of months later, the PlayStation 4, much more in demand at that time, was preparing to go on sale.

As a result, even with a warm welcome from critics (80% on Metacritic), Puppeteer failed sales and was happily forgotten by everyone except the most dedicated fans and the development team led by Moore himself.

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