Секрет эффектного света: раннее морозное утро и поднятый козырёк в машине

DiRT 5 is a great “five”. Review / Games

Genre Racing arcade
Publisher Codemasters
Publisher in Russia “Buka”
Developer Codemasters
Minimum Requirements Intel Core i3-2130 3.4 GHz / AMD FX 4300 3.8 GHz processor, 8 GB RAM, DirectX 12 graphics card and 4 GB memory, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD RX 480, 60 GB storage, Internet connection, operating system Windows 10 version 18362 or newer
Recommended Requirements Intel Core i5-9600K 3.7 GHz / AMD Ryzen 3600 3.6 GHz, 16 GB RAM, DirectX 12 graphics card and 8 GB memory, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti / AMD Radeon 5700XT
release date November 6, 2020
Age qualification From 12 years old
Platforms PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, Stadia
Official site

Played on PS4

From the first entrance to the track, DiRT 5 envelops the player with clubs of entertainment content: full of courageous races, regular change of game modes and car classes, extremely energetic musical compositions in the background, well-aimed jokes from commentators and, of course, the traditionally exciting personalization of the car – the new Codemasters project does not provide the pilot will not get bored for a second. But whether the developers managed to keep the ideal ratio of entertainment elements – let’s figure it out in detail.

The secret of spectacular light: an early frosty morning and a raised visor in the car

The secret of spectacular light: an early frosty morning and a raised visor in the car

⇡ #Dirt in paints

DiRT 5 meets with an exceptionally catchy and cheerful color scheme, which deliberately contrasts with the serious and gloomy DiRT Rally 2.0 (or the autumnal faded DiRT 4). And the energetic attitude is felt not only in the artistic design, but also in the direct racing process. After all, there was no place in the new license plate for severe and precise rally races with a faithful navigator at hand, and their place was completely taken by dashing arcade modes.

Of course, the main entertainment remains the variations of the circuit races: ultra-cross, Ice Breaker, sprint and others. And for those who do not like to drive in a circle, various rally-raids are presented (of course, the mode has nothing to do with a real multi-day race), as well as a round-trip mode that is as close as possible to the classic rally (of course, with the world leaderboard) … Each promises a rich confrontation and, of course, unforgettable views.

You fly into a ditch, enjoy the picturesque northern lights ... Beauty!

You fly into a ditch, enjoy the picturesque northern lights … Beauty!

The races take place all over the globe – outside the car window, the sun-drenched jungle of Brazil and the pagodas of China buried in bamboo are flickering. Each arena is stunning with its scenery – there is a risk of flying past the bend, gazing at the beauty of the Greek Meteors, the majestic Nepalese mountains or the amazing Norwegian Northern Lights. And what marvelous reflections here are on the azure surface of the East River ice – a feast for the eyes!

Moreover, in the screenshots DiRT 5 looks as strange and unprepossessing as possible: eerie particle effects, pixel shadows, clumsy reflections, artifacts and ladders. Even a photo of the TV screen with the game running on a smartphone looks better! Whether the algorithms for dynamic scaling of the picture on PS4, or compressing screenshots – in any case, our static footage does not make the honor real at all DiRT 5 in dynamics.

But the most remarkable entertainment in DiRT 5, jimkhana, awaits not surrounded by geographic beauty, but in the neon framing of sports arenas. A kind of obstacle course, where victory points are awarded for well-made “donuts” (skillful drift and twisting in place in the given zones), long jumps and collected objects, in essence has not changed much since the days of DiRT 3. But the visual presentation has significantly transformed into side of pomp and stadium entertainment.

Nothing adds speed like a radish skate sticker

Nothing adds speed like a radish skate sticker

⇡ #Chase and build

Sharpening your racing skills is, of course, most fun in the campaign mode. And here everything is without surprises – a career in DiRT 5 consists of familiar game mechanics: we take places in races (perhaps not always prize money), unlock new cars and visual improvements, participate in challenges, earn cash, experience and reputation, take part in Throwdown – races, we please sponsors with the fulfillment of special conditions during high-speed fights. It’s nice that you can make a breathtaking ascent to fame in a style that suits you. It is not necessary to knock out “three gold” from each discipline – you can easily skip any race (if you don’t like a protracted rally-raid or a motley jimkhana) and still move on to the next stage – if only the amount of the won prizes allowed.

According to a specific local tradition, according to the winner of the first place, they fire a salvo of flamethrowers. For some reason ...

According to a specific local tradition, according to the winner of the first place, they fire a salvo of flamethrowers. For some reason …

Outside of a career, it’s time to look into the “Arcade” and drive around your favorite places and tracks. Or you can visit the Playgrounds mode, where DiRT 5 suddenly turns into … a constructor. And it’s not about assembling a dream car in the garage lobby (which, by the way, is not in the “top five” – ​​it’s a shame), but about creating custom tracks, obstacle courses, tests and other experimental racing disciplines. The editor is convenient and straightforward, and a variety of ramps, pipes, flaming rings, springboards, walls and irregularities are enough to fill a dozen stadiums to the brim.

And, of course, no one forbids sharing his creation with the public. And to travel around the work of “colleagues” is not only a good form, but also an excuse to try out the craziest game modes, in many ways reminiscent of the extravagant fun of the FlatOut times. It is a pity that the driver does not have the opportunity to strike a strike …

The racer is not a wolf, sometimes he performs in the circus ...

The racer is not a wolf, sometimes he performs in the circus …

⇡ #In the mud, but not offended

Naturally, a racing extravaganza is impossible without shiny gloss and advertising stickers of racing cars. DiRT 5 garage is full of cars of different classes and sports trends. There are models for connoisseurs of “classics”: Ford Mustang GT or Porsche 911 SC / R5. Guests from the eighties competition are also represented in the face of the BMW M1 or Lancia 037. And the Peugeot 306 Maxi or the Ford Escort RS Cosworth will surely warm the soul of those nostalgic about the racing stages of the nineties. Fans of current technology are also not offended and will definitely be glad to have a Citroen C3 R5 or Ford Fiesta R5 MKII in their garage.

Of course, the cars are divided into areas of application. Say, for local rally-raids, a Peugeot 208 or an updated VW Beetle is well suited, and off-road conditions are best handled by a Cadillac Escalade or, say, a Porsche Cayenne. Each car, with rare exceptions (say, Ariel Nomad) lends itself to fine-tuning the appearance – from the general pattern on the body to the filling of different layers of the body. But – again returning to the bonnet – how fine the engine is lacking. On the other hand, the garage is being updated so rapidly that practically every next race can be started on new wheels.

During the race, various mini-tasks are offered: to spend some time in the air, hold out at maximum speed for so many, or scratch the opponent's paint during a controlled skid or in flight

During the race, various mini-tasks are offered: to spend some time in the air, to hold out for so much at maximum speed, or to scratch the opponent’s paint during a controlled skid or in flight

Each car is excellently executed (of course, by arcade standards), with its own unique physical model, tangible parameters of weight, engine power, handling and torque. Which, of course, has a positive effect on the racing experience. Behind the wheel you can feel the noticeable nuances of control and maneuvering: if you just managed to deftly drift and “cleanly” go through every turn, then at the same distance on another car, out of habit, you will most likely have to collect a collection of restrictive bumpers.

By the way, you will have to scratch the sides even with skillful control – computer opponents are now not ready to play the role of catch-ups! Artificial intelligence is ambitious, surprisingly competently steers and even impudent in places. On a bend, for example, he will gladly push him into a ditch, and on a straight line, having caught up, he will try to push him to an obstacle. Unsportsmanlike behavior is not punished in any way, which means that it is an excellent choice to answer the aggressor with the same coin.

... and for dessert - a spectacularly performed

… and for dessert – a spectacularly performed “donut”!

Road armageddon is often aggravated by natural disasters. Here we are deftly rushing along the dry sands of Morocco, but a sudden (for the first time – exactly unexpected) sandstorm completely obscures the view and significantly worsens control, turning the usual route into a ride at random. An unexpected downpour transforms the track into a viscous swamp, and a dense storm can interrupt the decisive path to victory. Competitions and surfaces are complicated (and at the same time diversified) – grip on the sand noticeably worsens, speed and maneuverability decrease in mud, and on snow (let alone ice) the car is almost in a permanent state of skidding.

The opponent chose a clever tactic of camouflage on the surface of the track. He attacked the wrong one!

The opponent chose a clever tactic of camouflage on the surface of the track. He attacked the wrong one!

No longer a racer in a car, but the player himself can be significantly hindered by the change of day to night. In DiRT 5, it happens too abruptly – the eyes do not have time to get used to the drop, which inevitably entails mistakes, collisions with obstacles and loss of position. Either a graphic flaw of the outgoing generation, or a flaw of the authors. Fortunately, this is perhaps the most unpleasant thing that awaited me on the track.


  • unusually picturesque tracks with a variety of weather conditions;
  • excellent selection of music tracks;
  • many successful artistic solutions: colors, style, fonts, arena decoration, and so on;
  • an extensive fleet of cars from different eras and disciplines.


  • changes in lighting sometimes cause significant discomfort to the eyes;
  • to spend time under the hood, alas, will not work.

Graphic arts

Spectacular and bright design solutions in the form of catchy color combinations in the menu, on the tracks and in the personalization of the car are pleasing to the eye and do not get boring. The tracks and weather events turned out to be impressive, and the cars, without surprise, were accurately recreated.

The game was launched on the base Playstation 4 and still looked fantastic. Although it feels like this is not her ceiling – especially noticeable in shadows and lighting. Fortunately, the version for consoles (already almost) of the previous generation turns into a copy of the game for current systems for free.


The main sound for the race – the roar of the engine – creeps in and varies in tonalities from car to car. Tire-to-surface contact is convincing, as are the ear-grinding crashes. Separately, we note the appropriate and light musical repertoire, which includes both fresh synth-pop and indie compositions, and energetic alternative tracks.

Single player game

DiRT 5 has something to keep the pilot busy for dozens of hours: an intense campaign, exciting arcade races and a bottomless Playground. And this is without taking into account that the player will be tinkering with something – so you can completely disappear until next year …

Collective game

DiRT 5 came to us before the release and, unfortunately, it was not possible to fully test all the network modes due to the almost zero number of players. On the other hand, we tested the split-screen game performance – perfect entertainment for the company!

General impression

The change of image went to the benefit of the license plate DiRT – now it is a powerful entertainment concentrate, captivating easily and for a long time. “Five”, of course, seems a little frivolous – and okay, it suits her!

Rating: 9.0 / 10

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