discounts, new events and gifts for players

discounts, new events and gifts for players

Rockstar Games has announced the New Years in Red Dead Online. Throughout the frontier, residents of San Denis decorate their homes with wreaths, garlands and Christmas tree decorations, while Christmas carols are heard in the street.

In honor of the holiday, in the “Bonuses” section you will find gifts, including coupons for an item of outerwear and a free carabiner. In addition, you can get a winter paint job for the Evans carbine from gunsmiths, and the level restrictions on the purchase of the Krampus double-barreled shotgun have been temporarily removed.

Also in Red Dead Online:

  • new colors of Akhal-Teke horses, including gray, black, red and perlino;
  • festive variations of friendly competitions, in which you can get three times more money and experience;
  • bonuses for bounty hunters: double experience of a character and role for any activity related to their profession;
  • a unique three-stage mission to find a criminal for bounty hunters.

Finally, along with the holiday, the seasonal sale started:

  • 30% discount on all goods in the “Camping Supplies” store;
  • a discount of 5 gold bars for the butcher’s table and 10 gold bars for the moonshiner’s hut;
  • 30% off merchant carts, moonshiner items, and hut upgrades;
  • 30% discount on bandoliers and ponchos in Wheeler, Rawson & Co .;
  • 40% off Shotguns in Wheeler, Rawson & Co .;
  • 30% discount on all Arab, war, work and race horses.

Red Dead Online is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5 for backward compatibility.

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