Discovery video commemorating Grant Imahar from "MythBusters" has already collected a million views

Discovery video commemorating Grant Imahar from “MythBusters” has already collected a million views

On July 13, Grant Imakhara, one of the participants in the popular show “Mythbusters”, passed away. The sudden and untimely demise excited his colleagues and many viewers. Discovery Channel has released a nostalgic video dedicated to his memory, which has already received over a million views.

The talented engineer, who worked on the second Star Wars trilogy and other Lucasfilm films, is captured in a 2.5-minute video in vivid situations from his professional life. He was the official R2-D2 specialist, and therefore it is not surprising that the video opens with this very robot, created by a team of “destroyers” in 20 hours with the ability to move, throw fire and project holograms.

Grant Imahara introduces himself as a visual effects professional with 10 years of experience. His specialty was electronics and remote control.

Jamie Hyneman said that he worked with Imahara for many years and usually consulted with him on difficult issues in the electronics field. The second lead author of Legend Busters, Adam Savage, noted Grant’s ability to instantly come up with a concept or technique and put it into practice to achieve the desired result.

Then in the video there are a number of remarks from Grant Imakhara that science can be exciting and fun, that it allows you to make the impossible possible: “Explosions, car accidents – this is a really funny world worth discovering”… This is illustrated by episodes of the show with robots, armor, a car falling from the sky, playing tennis on the wings of a rushing plane, endless explosions, huge flames, crash tests.

And the video ends with the words: ‚ÄúDear Grant, thank you for a cool adventure! Love, MythBusters family “

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