Doom SNES source code now available for download

Doom SNES source code now available for download

Another gift for Doom modders is that the Doom source code for the Super Nintendo console has been released and is now available for download on Github. Thus, everyone can download and experiment with it.

1995 Doom SNES from Sculptured Software is one of the few official Doom games that does not use the original game’s engine. Instead, the port has its own engine known as Reality, which was created by programmer Randy Linden.

Doom SNES was also distributed on a special cartridge equipped with a Super FX2 chip. The latter was used for complex 2D graphical effects such as sprite scaling and, to put it simply, allowed such an advanced game to be run on a relatively simple 16-bit console. However, even the use of additional equipment did not allow to fully bring the port closer to the original in terms of graphics.

Among the features of Doom SNES are:

  • no texturing of the floor and ceiling – a uniform fill is used instead;
  • extremely low drawing range – at long distances monsters can be confused with blinking light;
  • low resolution;
  • lack of side and back sprites for monsters;
  • Perceptibly lower frame rate than the original Doom;
  • no suspended bodies – due to Nintendo’s strict policy regarding violence in games for their consoles;
  • support for network play through the XBAND modem.

The Super Nintendo version of the shooter was the most complete of any other console versions of the time. It contained 22 levels, including an episode of Inferno. The game involved all the monsters from the original, including Cyberdemon and the Leader Spider. All original difficulty levels were present. But the Nightmare mode in this version is easier, due to the lack of spawning monsters.

If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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