drone light shows are becoming more impressive and accessible

drone light shows are becoming more impressive and accessible

Drone light shows are evolving at a rapid pace. The organizers are not only launching more and more copters into the air, but they are also starting to use faster flying machines. This allows you to effectively reassemble three-dimensional compositions in the night sky. In addition, such performances can now be seen not only at major events, but also at rather modest holidays.

But these are not the only changes. The people who program these views are starting to experiment more with movement options. This is what caught the attention of the recently captured New Year’s drone show. It uses both light movements of objects to emphasize the volume, and the modification of the component parts: for example, the position of the cap, the movement of Santa Claus’s lips, the rotation of the tree around its axis, the displacement of individual parts of the snowman. Also, some drones are used to create flashes and other special effects.

Most drone illuminations tend to use renders with a constant shape, which are reassembled into new static images – sometimes flat, designed to be viewed from one angle. However, this drone show doesn’t just collect 3D objects. They are also enlivened by small movements – it is clear that the programmer of this extravaganza has well thought out the presentation.

Other recent large-scale drone-assisted performances include a Volkswagen ad show featuring 2,000 perfectly synchronized drones with excellent choreography. But even it is inferior in the effect of animating objects in the air to the above entry:

By the way, in October, another official world record was set in the field of light shows using drones – an impressive 3,051 flying machine was lifted into the air over Chinese Zhuhai, creating various effects and images dedicated to space exploration in the night sky.

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