Dying Light 2 developers promised to start talking about the game "very, very soon" and showed 13 seconds of gameplay

Dying Light 2 developers promised to start talking about the game “very, very soon” and showed 13 seconds of gameplay

As promised, on March 17 (albeit late in the evening in Moscow), the Polish studio Techland shared a small amount of fresh information on the development of Dying Light 2.

According to Techland employees who participated in the recording of the two-minute video, the team is not ready to talk about Dying Light 2 at the moment, but the situation will change. “Very, very soon”

“This is a large and complex project, and we need time to start aligning with our vision. We all put our heart and soul into releasing a game that you will be playing for months. “– said the head of Techland Pavel Markevka (Pawel Marchewka).

The team also hoped to receive support from the fan community and shared a short (literally 13 seconds) snapshot of Dying Light 2’s gameplay.

Following a short gameplay demo, a call to stay in touch appears on the screen, followed by an inscription “2021”… Probably Dying Light 2 is slated for release before the end of this year.

Finally, the developers urged fans to ask questions about the Dying Light 2 team. Techland will endeavor to respond to all submitted requests in the Ask Me Anything series of short videos.

Dying Light 2 is announced for PC (Steam), PS4, Xbox One and consoles of the current generation – PS5, Xbox Series X and S. Recently Techland admitted that they announced the game too early, even though the project is not in the so-called production hell. …

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