Лунный посадочный модуль Dynetics. Источник изображения: Dynetics

Dynetics will soon begin detailed development of a lunar lander to bring humans to the moon

Earlier, we reported that NASA postponed the next stage of the qualifying competition for the production of a lunar lander to deliver a man to the Moon for at least a month. This stage was supposed to pass at the end of this month. Despite this, one of the participants in the competition, Dynetics, completed the overall development of the lunar module project on time. Dynetics is now preparing for a detailed design study that will form the basis for the production of the module.

Lunar lander Dynetics. Image source: Dynetics

Lunar lander Dynetics. Image source: Dynetics

Three companies are participating in the current round of NASA’s competition: Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin, and Dynetics, owned by military contractor Leidos. Ten months ago, they all collectively entered into contracts worth about one billion US dollars to develop their own unique projects of lunar lander. For the next stage, during which the contestants will have to create design documentation for their projects, NASA specialists will have to choose two companies. Perhaps this will happen before the end of April.

“This is another step towards the surface of the moon, Said Kim Doering, vice president of space systems at Dynetics. – The preliminary design review confirmed that our team is ready to begin detailed design as we move towards the next phase, the critical design review. This is another remarkable view that brings us one step closer to the American re-landing on the moon. ”

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