Электронные ценники на «широких» 30-см экранах E Ink. Источник изображения: Japan Display Inc

E Ink plans to dramatically increase e-ink price tags and more

E Ink, a developer and manufacturer of electronic ink screens, has announced a strategic partnership with Yes Optoelectronics. Together, they intend to expand the market for electronic shelf labels for stores and introduce many other products with “paper-like” E Ink displays.

Electronic price tags on

Electronic price tags on “wide” 30-cm screens E Ink. Image source: Japan Display Inc

Yes Optoelectronics is registered in Hong Kong, but headquartered in China. In China, the company has production lines for the production of custom LCD screens for specific purposes. In other words, Yes Optoelectronics produces custom display modules to order.

According to the agreement, E Ink will supply the partner with a film with microcapsules with electrophoretic suspension. This is the main part of E Ink displays, which contain electronic “ink” in an array of capsules. Yes Optoelectronics will manufacture control substrates for this film and assemble ready-made display modules.

In addition to producing electronic shelf displays for store shelves, the demand for which is growing exponentially, according to Johnson Lee, CEO of E Ink Holdings, the partners will work to integrate displays into products such as smart labels, smart home , smart wearables, smart logistics, smart healthcare, smart transportation, industrial equipment and wireless communications.

It should be said that Yes Optoelectronics has been producing products with E Ink displays since 2015. They currently have four dedicated production lines for e-paper products with a production capacity of two million units of display modules per month. Following an agreement with E Ink, the company plans to add four more production lines and promises to bring production in the first quarter of 2021 to 3.6 million units.

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