Демонстрация работы дрона-пожарного (EHang)

EHang unveils a drone for fighting high-rise fires

China’s EHang has already launched a number of services in China for the movement of people and goods on the company’s autonomous air taxi. Yesterday the company demonstrated a new modification of the autonomous drone – the EHang 216F model, which can help firefighters fight fire in buildings at altitudes up to 600 meters.

Fire Drone Demonstration (EHang)

Fire Drone Demonstration (EHang)

Urbanization has reached an impressive pace in China. The centers of megalopolises are rapidly being built up with high-rise buildings. This also leads to the risk of fires. According to statistics for 2019, for example, out of 233,000 fire cases in the country, 6,974 cases occurred in high-rise buildings, which corresponds to an annual increase in these events at the level of 10.6%. In other words, firefighters need new tools to fight fire at altitudes over 50 meters – above the level of fire escapes and the range of conventional water cannons.

The EHang 216F fire drone can be a solution for rapid response to fire in high-rise buildings. It is not afraid of traffic congestion and does not even need operator control. The system can automatically reach the fire site and target open fire sources. For this, the drone is armed with a high-precision camera and a light sensor.

After detecting a fire source in the apartment, the drone breaks a window using a laser pointer and throws up to six fire bombs into the room. After that, he can fill the fire with 150 liters of extinguishing foam. Such a payload should be enough to eliminate a fire in one or more apartments, and after all, drones can work in swarms.

The EHang 216F drones are expected to be installed at city fire stations to help extinguish fires within a 5 km radius. “EHang’s autopilot and centralized control technologies allow the EHang 216F to be dispatched remotely for a first response even before firefighters arrive. This significantly reduces response times and can reduce casualties. “

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