EKWB and Intel Unveil Thermoelectric Water Block for Hot Comet Lake

EKWB and Intel Unveil Thermoelectric Water Block for Hot Comet Lake

The Slovenian company EKWB, as part of a joint project with Intel, today presented a fundamentally new thermoelectric water block EK-QuantumX Delta TEC, specially designed to remove heat from 10th generation Core processors, known by the codename Comet Lake.

According to the official press release, the EK-QuantumX Delta TEC waterblock combines the advantages of traditional EK Quantum series waterblocks with Intel Cryo cryogenic cooling technology. The essence of the technology consists in adding a Peltier module to the combined cooling device, which contacts the processor cover with its cold side, and the heat from which is removed by the water block. At the same time, the water block is quite standard, it is made of copper, has 51 ribs cut inside and is compatible with conventional fittings with a G1 / 4 thread.

The Peltier element cooling system achieves temperatures below ambient temperature on the surface adjacent to the processor, which is not possible with traditional air or water cooling. To prevent condensation, which can appear on cold surfaces when the temperature drops below the dew point, a special cover and an Intel-developed control circuit have been added to the device, which continuously monitors the operating parameters.

The EK-QuantumX Delta TEC thermoelectric water block requires an additional power supply through an 8-pin connector, similar to those from which video cards are powered. The power consumption of the device is quite high: it can require about 200 watts for its operation.

The EK-QuantumX Delta TEC is exclusively compatible with the LGA 1200 processor socket. And while owners of other platforms might also want to have such an exotic waterblock at their disposal, capable of cooling the processor to low temperatures, compatibility exclusively with Comet Lake processors is not surprising: today they are among the hottest. Even in nominal mode, the consumption of the flagship Core i9-10900K can reach up to 250 watts.

The EK-QuantumX Delta TEC thermoelectric water blocks are already available for pre-order at a price of $ 360. Deliveries to customers should begin in early December.

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